Friday, March 9, 2012


The good news is that our two daring and improbable missions (1. "Operation: Place covert bug without tripping off security," and 2. "Operation: Impersonate the shredders") went exactly as planned. So much so that there wasn't even any combat. Which might or might not be the bad news, depending on who you ask. The other bad news is that there are very few quotes this week, because the whole session was pretty much spent planning the two daring and improbable plans. Ah well. A few quotes are better than none.

[We gear up for improbable mission number one.]
Ariel: "I specifically got chloroform."
Georges the GM: "And a cloth, I hope?"

[Our original Plan A involved drilling through the floor of the West Corp office and listening in that way. It failed.]
Lyta: "So I guess we're going with plan 'dangerous and tricky.'"
Lukas: "As if there was ever any doubt."

[We place the bug in the West Corp conference room almost exactly as planned. No combat ensued.]
Ti Corovan: "That was almost too easy."
Lyta: "That worries me."

[We listen in on the InterWest Board of Directors meeting and find out that there has been some money allocated to "Project Isbael" and "Project Helix+".]
Lukas: "They have remarkably unobscure code names."

[Remember how last time we stole a really expensive display case and its really expensive contents? We're trying to blame that on the Kolsons. Ti Corovan has an idea that involves baiting the Kolsons into going after Lukas and then claiming we got the very expensive artifact in the fight.]
Lyta: "That seems like a pretty good plan, so long as Lukas doesn't die."

[It takes us a while to come up with our second improbable plan of the night: impersonate the workers who are coming to shred the West Corp archives. In full Firefly fashion, we spruce up a van and some uniforms with the proper shredding company's logos.]
Georges the GM: "All right, a little long in the making, but this looks like an actionable plan."
Brock: "All we need are some cortical electrodes."

[Our plan is a good one, and apparently not at all what Georges the GM had planned.]
Georges the GM: "This didn't go the way I expected."
Julie: "What did you expect?"
Georges the GM: "I expected a debacle that would result in conflict."

And that's it for this week. Next week, we find the last dissenting member of West Corp's Board, who's being smuggled out of town by the Forzi, and try to talk to him. Combat will almost certainly ensue.

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