Saturday, March 17, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V : The Webs We Weave (Interlude)

Finding the Kolsons wasn’t that hard; they weren’t in hiding. After all, it wasn’t as if they knew what was coming.

He checked his equipment one last time, made sure everything was secure -- he was carrying more weight than he was comfortable with going into a tactical situation, especially considering the while it had been since he had operated solo. If all went to plan, then there would be no need for concern. He was just concerned that all wouldn’t go to plan.

Ti had been collecting a good deal of information on Kolson operations for the last cycle, so finding a number of mid-ranking operatives in Prince Gable took little time.

He had visual confirmation of four targets there within the first few hours of his surveillance, and just a few hours later he had secured his escape route and geared up. He pulled his gas mask down.

His fiber-optic camera saw one of his victims sprawled on the ground. It was a good sign. He moved swiftly into the hall and to the adjacent room. The door was unlocked. He saw the body he was looking for and put a three-round burst into it and kept scanning the area. Another figure was on the couch, still as death. Another bust through the fabric and the body slumped forward. The kitchen was empty, an empty bedroom, and then an occupied one. The two bodies were close together, embracing each other. He hesitated. He watched them for a second, their chests rising and falling slowly, arms and legs inter-tangled. Some fraternisation was bound to happen, he thought to himself. It wasn’t the military after all -- organised crime wasn’t quite as disciplined. Why couldn’t two Kolson criminals also be intimate? The other two had been knocked out by his sleeping gas; these two had probably already been asleep. He considered his options, variations on his plans. Maybe he could find a way to let them...Two more suppressed bursts from his sub-machine gun cut short his doubts and considerations. It was too late to change the plan, too many variables to consider and failure was not an option. He was committed to the course.

He went over to the bodies in the bed, took the man and brought him to the doorway and dropped him there. It didn’t take him long to find a number of weapons in the apartment. He made sure the Kolson goons were all armed and positioned as if they had heard him coming and put up a fight. He then dropped his duffel bag and removed his spare weapons. Starting at the entrance again, he shot up a corner wall with more suppressed bullets and put a few more rounds in his first victim, laying him near that zone. He staged another firefight by the couch with another weapon. He repeated the grim charade one last time for the naked lover by the bedroom door. When he was done, he had expended about 10 clips from four different weapons. The noisiest part was a vase he had clipped and the ceramic in the kitchen where he had shot through the wall but he felt sure none of the neighbours would notice.

He packed his duffel, did a last survey of the carnage, and pulled the fire alarm. Then he started at the end. He opened fire on the hall inside the apartment with the gun in the lover’s left hand, emptying the clip. He shouted something frantic and moved to the couch where he had an assault rifle. After being so careful about noise up to that point, the weapon was deafening -- even over the ringing of the fire bell. He emptied two clips, threw it down by the corpse, and advanced to the entrance corner where he took up the autopistol and shot up the hall and door with some more yells. Placing it in the hand of his first victim, he turned around and rolled three incendiary grenades into the apartment and rushed out the door. He heard the explosions and could already smell the smoke by the time he was on the roof. A few minutes later, he was three buildings over and had rappelled to a waiting car and gone before the first sirens of the fire trucks were within earshot.

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