Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night's session involved two interrogations (one more willing than the other) and some gear fightin'. We all came out of it whole, and our principal (Hiro) is still alive, so we may yet live to fight another day! Oh, and for the record, gaming accompanied by fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies is pretty darn close to my idea of bliss.

[At least he didn't say, 'Dance, muppet, dance.']
Brock: (to Julie) "Interact with the NPCs for our amusement."

[Never let the facts get in the way of a theatrical exit.]
Brock: "This is good walking weather, so long as there's a light breeze... for the dusters we're not wearing."

[Why does it seem like we're constantly rescuing Hiro from hairy situations?]
Doc: "If something dire happens, they can beep us."
Kain: "Are we getting paid by the rescue?"

[Making sure everyone is working off the same plan... we're still working on that one.]
Maia: "Before we go in--"
Kain: (to security guard) "Whose car is that outside?"
Maia: "...Never mind."

[Kain and the Doc "arrest" Maia in front of the woman we want to abduct. It's all for show. Still...]
Julie: "I play along!"
Georges: "In that case, we put some cuffs on you."

[Kain's pretending to be an officer of "Internal Revenue and Security," an office we just made up. I'm impressed he managed to say this with a straight face.]
Anna Balacan, a woman Kain's interrogating: "Have you ever been to Skavara?"
Kain: "No, I've never been out of Peace River."

[The Doc assured me he was kidding, but you can never be 100% certain with this crowd.]
Maia: "You are bringing her back to her apartment after?"
Doc: "No, we can't have this trace back to us. She's going to disappear. Are there any dog food companies around here?"

[How to ensure this doesn't trace back to us, without turning the witness into dog food.]
Kain: "As you're probably aware, Ms. Reed won't be returning to the Management School. It would be best if you never mention her name to anyone again. Ever."

[After thoroughly scaring the witness and threatening to deport her back to Skavara.]
Kain: "I had a good time!"

[Good to know that Maia's position in the group hasn't really changed at all.]
Strauss: "We could use a stun grenade."
Kain: "That wouldn't be a bad way to open it. We haven't stunned Maia yet."

[Interrogation suspect #2. Kain decides to accuse him of being someone we know he isn't.]
Kain: "Mr. Anderson..."
Edson Minburn: "My name's not Anderson."
Sam: (crazed, brandishing a gun) "Are you correcting him?!?"

[Always good to list crimes in order of priority.]
Kain: "You're accused of anti-social activities: rape, murder, cannibalism..."
Sam: "...listening to Nickelback."
Minburn: "Whoa, whoa!"

[I don't think Kain can do anything without being intimidating.]
Minburn: "I'll come quietly."
Kain: "What makes you think we want to take you anywhere... under your own power?"

[Somewhere in Kain's mind, NPC = probable torture victim.]
Kain: "He has a lawyer? Someone else we get to interrogate."

[It's always useful to know how far your authority extends.]
Minburn: "I'm calling the cops!"
Kain: "We are the cops! (Kind of.)"

[Always useful advice.]
Kain: "Meet me back at the office. Don't get arrested."

[Really, not the way I would choose to open a conversation.]
Strauss: "Everything's cool. It's just a body in a bag."

[Best not to be too specific in certain situations.]
Brock: "He knows we took out his boss, right?"
Georges: "He knows we do... things."

[The cops arrived to ask Doc Chambers whether he had any involvement in the firebombing across town. Helen Luka, journalist extraordinaire, is on the scene.]
Luka: "Care to comment on what the cops are doing here, Doctor?"
Doc: "Courtesy call. Security alarm went off. Must have forgotten to turn it off."

[Kain's interrogating a random NPC who was spying on the Doc's office.]
Kain: "Who do you work for?"
Jimmy: "BRF."
Kain: "Be more specific."
Jimmy: "The BRF?"

[Sadly, I think they'd actually do this.]
Brock: "We just arrest everybody who comes into the Cimmaro."
Georges: "What do you mean, 'everybody'?"
Brock: "Everybody!"

[Ah, false choices. Gotta love 'em.]
Kain: "Which do you prefer, one less arm or to be turned over to the police?"

[No one can stand in the way of my super-awesome computer skills!]
Josh the GM: "Admittedly, you found it in his deleted files."
Julie: "He clearly didn't delete it enough."

[Kain, still in his interrogations.]
Kain: "Now's the time to start begging and/or pleading and/or promising."

[Kain's trying to get information out of the journalist, Helen Luka. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a car battery on-hand and must at least pretend to be polite. For certain values of polite.]
Kain: "Who told you about the BCG?"
Luka: "Sorry, I don't reveal my sources."
Kain: "Tell me, or I'll bury your body in the desert."

[A sound assumption upon hearing rustling behind the GM screen.]
Brock: "Sounds like there's a map. That means there's gonna be combat."

[You'd think she'd be used to it by now.]
Hiro: "What's going on."
Doc: (deadpan) "You're being attacked... for a change."

[When the shit hits the fan, it's always important to have a scapegoat.]
Kain: (to Maia) "This is, of course, 100% your fault, but not because of anything you did. Or didn't do."

[Ariel's character Sam is an insanely skilled gunslinger, but only a moderate Gear fighter.]
Brock: (to Ariel) "How does it feel to roll a combat skill you don't totally pwn with? That's right; that's how it feels to be normal!"

[Right up there with 'just don't fumble.']
Josh the GM: "If this fails, you're in trouble. But go for it."

Tune in next time for more hijinks, more combat, more making NPCs piss themselves with fear! See you then!


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