Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Art of Spinning

Badlands Caravan Guild
News feed: 28 Spring 1935

Ours is a fraternity. Like any family we have values like hard work and honesty. That’s why you don’t ask more from another Guild member than his word and his hand. It’s from that trust that we have built our business and roam the sands knowing we’re watching each other’s backs. It’s more than just our livelihood; our hearts are in the Badlands.

We’re business people, families and simple folk with simple principles. I think most of us have felt some sympathies for the Badlands Revolutionary Front over the cycles. It’s a tricky thing knowing the difference between taking arms to defend your own and attacking others to defend your ideas. But we don’t go looking for trouble and we hope it don’t come looking for us. We know the frustration of being abused and exploited – that’s the shared burden of all Badlanders.

Today our offices in Peace River were attacked by cowards. The BRF claimed responsibility and reason their treachery by pointing out our support for the Sajhalin - other workers, other downtrodden. Now if they’re gonna make us choose between the innocent who fight for their freedom in the Emirates and cowards who attack civilians with bombs instead of working honestly and honourably like true Badlanders, then so be it.

I call on all you Guilders to denounce these cowards in Peace River, to spur ‘em at every turn and show ‘em that the Badlands Caravan Guild will not be intimidated, will not be pushed and will not be terrorised. We’ve held together for 17 cycles and been by each other’s sides through and through, shoulder to shoulder. That’s why our Guild has been so important; we shared our strength and our prosperity.

We don’t bow to rovers, we don’t take crap from greedy bureaucrats and we don’t let people threaten our family. When someone kicks sand in our eyes we spit it from our teeth and call on the Guild. Let’s show the BRF what it means to be a true Badlander.

Trishaw Carmichael.


Game Thug said...

Have the BRF taken responsibility?

Julie said...

@Brock: They did. See the end of Josh's post "Playing for Keeps." The BRF claimed responsibility for the six bombs in the Badlands Quarter, including (I assume) the one on the BCG offices.

@Georges: It's funny, as I was reading through this, I thought, "This really doesn't strike me as the Doc's speech style." And, when I got to the end, lo and behold, it wasn't. *grin*

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