Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hermes 72 Archive Project

Heavy Gear is a roleplaying game that dates back to the mid-nineties, and brought with it all of the accompanying enthusiasm of the emerging Internet.

It was a new day, and we thought it would last forever: free websites, guestbooks, "Netbooks".

Some of it did. Some of it didn't.

Given Heavy Gear's status as a "dead" system, much of the fan-generated material has been abandoned or forgotten, even that of near-professional levels.

Where possible, Hermes 72 will archive such material, and attribute it to the appropriate creators.

If you see something here that is improperly credited, please contact the editor at:


APA Gear

Heavy Type

While browsing around, I found this apparent successor site to the APAGear group.  It was originally located on Geocities and has been subsequently archived as part of the Reocities project.  Rather than risk its loss, I have, without permission of the authors, backed it up in its original form and will be posting a slightly revised version here.

Edits will be focussed on spelling and readability. Wherever possible, the authors' original style and rhythm will be preserved.

The Hermes 72 Archive version can be found here, while the original may be found here.


Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game


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