Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not Quite In From the Cold Yet

From the Journal of Nicosa Renault:

1 Winter, TN1935

I’ve long since come to terms with humanity’s propensity towards violence. I’ve long since come to terms with humanity’s propensity towards stupidity. And yet here we are, the new cycle of 1935, eighteen cycles since we drove the New Earth Commonwealth from our planet. And Terranovans are still pioneers in violence and stupidity. Our leaders have yet to understand that a threat is looming. The North and South are locked arm in arm, spiralling towards another global war. The arms merchants of Paxton are licking their chops, waiting for even more profitable seasons. Everyone’s eyes are turned away from the future. No one who saw the Earthers face-to-face like I did could ever allow themselves the luxury to ignore the looming threat. And yet that’s exactly what’s happening.

I need a drink, and a distraction.

The cold files needed a little warming, and this seems like the best place to start. TARGETER has been going strong for a long time, but I think its time has come. There will be bigger fish to… wait, what’s this?

I’ve got ESE557 open. The Emirates had more than their fair share of collaborators. It stands to reason, since their mythology centers around Enri Masao’s sacrifice and the Human Concordat’s isolation order. Ever since we’ve been alone on Terranova, the Emirates venerate Earth like the Jerusalemites do the Garden of Eden. Still, the Emirates fought for Terranova.

But this, this is something else.

Ask an Emir about the weeks after the signing of the Peace of Westphalia. I did once, and nearly paid for it with my life. The purges were quick, secret, and swept under the rug. Emirs who collaborated simply disappeared, their retinues slaughtered, and their families silenced. No one speaks of those dark times.

This file is surprising, to say the least. It’s the royal palace of Skavara, the video feed dates it for TN1917, just as the purges got underway. I don’t even remember collecting this. So much data, so little time. It would seem that someone survived the purge. I wonder if Emir Draho knows that his father is alive, and living right under his nose.

I’m going to need my best operative for this. Sorry K, you’re going active one last time. Then I’m shutting TARGETER down.


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