Monday, March 29, 2010

Up Close with Konnor Garysson

“It’s the 24th hour on Friday 14 winter 1933.”

“Good evening and welcome to ‘Up Close’ with me, your host, Konnor Garysson.”

“Tonight we will look into the report published this week by the Prince Gable Council sub-committee on political affairs which focused on the events leading to and occurring on 10 Autumn 1931 in Lance Point in which 357 workers were killed in violent clashes with the MILICIA’s 11th heavy gear regiment, the Rapiers.”

“A little more than a cycle after its founding, NuCoal faced its first major scandal when the report published findings of ‘gross negligence’ and ‘potentially culpable misconduct’ on the part of ‘senior officials’ within NuCoal.”

“Just prior to this report, it had been announced by the Fort Neil Mayor’s office that Royz Malkolm would not be running for re-election in next year’s campaign, choosing instead to focus on his duties as chairman of NuCoal. His spokesperson said this decision was made last season, after 3 terms as mayor he felt he needed to focus on his new responsibilities and ‘leave the mantle of municipal governing to someone new’.”

“However SNS has obtained a copy of a memo drafted by the NuCoal chairman’s chief of staff in Autumn of 1931 which calls for ‘longer deliberation’ before acting in Lance Point. The chief of staff at that time was Tomohiro Chambers, an expatriated Mekongese who had become a prominent Badlands businessman and philanthropist.”

“As we were preparing this story, NuCoal announced it was ‘considering’ opening a hearing on the events of ten-A-thirty-one in light of the report and the memo obtained by this program.”

“When we tried to reach Mr. Chambers’ office for comment, we received notice that he was stepping down as CEO of Guildebank, the central banking apparatus for NuCoal as well as all his other private appointments including President of the Badlands Caravan Guild, trustee of the Meredine Foundation and the Lelland Endowment, Doctor Chambers is also major stock holder of numerous other enterprises including SNS news. His office said that Mr. Chambers would be retiring from public view citing ‘personal reasons’.”

“Some pundits say this is as near an admission of guilt in the Lance Point affair as we are likely to see while others argue that he could be falling on his sword to avoid a full blown scandal for NuCoal.”

“No official reaction has been forthcoming from NuCoal concerning Mr. Chambers’ departure; however they have announced plans to restructure the GuildeBank into the NuCoal Reserve Fiduciary.”

“Later in the program we’ll meet some of the victims of that fateful day in Lance Point and hear how they’ve coped since then as well as look into the rumors surrounding a group calling themselves the Badlands Revolutionary Front. That and more when we return.”<


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