Friday, July 11, 2008

Five new faces

The Imashen have decided to repay the caravan for their help by providing five of their best drivers for a five-cycle term of service. They are happy to volunteer and have extensive experience with desert driving and some light maintenance work. The five drivers are:

Silas Michels: 32 cycles. Silas' demeanor is similar to that of John Maddox': broods at the drop of a hat. He is a crack driver and carries a shotgun in the cab at all times. Tall, thin and lean, Silas has a severe haircut and a dark complexion.

Diego Tucker: 45 cycles. Diego doesn't really like outsiders in general, but he was impressed with the caravan crew's toughness and felt bad that they got dragged into the Imoshen's mess. He feels that the sooner the drivers pay the communal debt, the better. Diego is a portly, ill-mannered man who eats messily (usually while driving) and belches at the most inopportune times.

Selia Perry: 19 cycles. A quiet, serious young lady, Selia is a natural behind the wheel of any truck. She is eager to see the world and then return home to her seven brothers who clearly cannot survive without her.

Pankat Loran: 22 cycles. Gruff, tough, and takes no guff. Well, at least that's how he comes off. Pankat volunteered after the medicine that the caravan brought in saved the lives of his entire family. He is already old enough to have a moustache, despite weighing 150lbs wet. KIA: 35 Spring, TN1919 in Khayr-ad Din. Killed in a mortar attack by the Green Gang on the Caravan compound.

Jibrat Loran: 25 cycles. Pankat's older sister is pug-ugly and knows it. She behaves, but she can be sensitive enough and temperamental enough to make a Barnaby envious.


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