Saturday, July 5, 2008

Badlands Caravan Guild

Welcome to the BADLANDS CARAVAN GUILD network portal.

Greater independence through interdependence.

-Your word is your bond. Make a deal and stick to it.
-Help Guild members and help yourself by sharing information on threats.

-Get more work, more income.
-Get information on weather, rovers and other Badland issues
-Grow as the business grows with Co-op shares.
-Keep your independence but gains from interdependence.
-Extra help when you need it.

Joining the Guild is easy if you’re hard working, honest and reliable. We have offices in more and more cities, towns and homesteads across the Badlands and savanna city-states. Come in and see if you are ready to get more out of caravaning. You can also be invited by a Guild member with recruiting status.

The Guild has made agreements with major shippers in the Badlands and the number of clients keeps growing as our service expands. Goods, people and commodities have always traveled by caravan but now we can offer more reliability to our customers by networking our comings and goings. Imagine knowing that a job is waiting for you when you get to your destination and not having to worry about how to provide for your crew or your family because the Guild has already made a contact for you. Or better still, you have your own routes and do just fine, but the Guild can help you get more business along your existing route without changing the way you run your life; we'll just help you make a bit more as you go.

The Brotherhood
But it ain’t just about money. Wouldn’t you like to know if rovers have set up along your route well in advance and wouldn’t you like to coordinate your caravan’s travels with others and share in defense. How about having preferential rates on watering and refueling at guild member homesteads and stations? Brothers of the Guild watch out for each other. Through this site you can share information with other Guild members regarding threats that concern us all. So you can let people know that rovers are harassing certain areas, or that storms are coming or if trouble is breaking out in certain cities that might make you change your plans.

Expanding our Brotherhood
The more we are, the stronger and more prosperous we will be. That is the strength of our Guild. However expanding membership doesn’t only benefit you in principal, it does in cash too! The Guild has a Cooperative incentive program. What that means is that for every member you bring to the Guild who become a member, you get more shares and therefore more of the returns on profit at the end of the cycle. But be sure of those you recommend, because if someone you recommended gets kicked out of the Guild you lose twice as much as you got for recruiting them. This is a reward for helping us grow with the right kind of folk, not a scheme to bloat our numbers with untrustworthy types.

Caravaning ain’t just life in a caravan either. Guild membership is open to homesteads, fueling stations and caravan parks. Anyone that can contribute and benefit can join.

The Business
Prices are fixed so our clients always know what they are getting: honest and reliable service. The Guild take a commission which is already factored in, what you see is what you’ll get. Your account will be credited or you can pick up your money at a Guild office when the job is done or you can also access it wherever you find a Guild office, earning interest while you don’t pick it up.

Your Service
The Guild just adds business to your trade, making contacts easier. You earn extra money, no haggling, no double-cross, you know what you’ll get, we guarantee it! The Guild can do your banking for you, we can transfer funds from one office to another, hold on to your credit and give you a competitive interest rate on your cash without service charges. If you need a little extra money, the Guild can also help you out, this is a brotherhood of trust.

The BCG portal
You can access the portal through the Hermes 72 network. Here you will find Jobs offered by our clients. You’ll find the Saloon bulletin board where you can leave information of use to other members and keep up to date on what is going on in your neck of the Badlands. We have a connection to SNS right there for your convenience. Weather reports for the Badlands, both imaged and real-time from offices and caravans with up-link capability. You can Communicate by video or trideo us directly or any of your friends through the portal, keeping easily in touch.


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