Thursday, October 27, 2016


Gathering allies! Maybe! This session, Our Heroes (tm) try to recruit Gabrielle Summers as an ally in their fight against the Bear, and try to appeal to Doc Chambers’ good nature… both with mixed results. Also we get into a firefight, because of course we do.

[We pick up in the aftermath of the attack on Gabrielle Summers’ convoy.]
Georges the GM: “The plan has not gone as you might have hoped.”
Zac: “But it probably went the way we expected.”

[We determine who should be the one to try to recruit Summers to our side. We narrow down options.]
Georges the GM: “Torgath is neither the most persuasive, nor the most directly communicative.”

[We review the grand web of interconnected plots and agencies we have pieced together over five years, helpfully provided by Georges the GM.]
Georges the GM: “I don’t think NGIS is on this list.”
Zac: “This is a hell of a time to realize that.”

[We consider how to approach Summers.]
Brock: “So, how do we want to approach this with her? Drugs and beatings? I feel Torgath’s novel would account for half of that.”

[Planning to recruit Summers.]
Brock: “For the record, I think this is lunacy. There is no chance of success.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “She’s a violent killer and mentally unhinged.”
Zac: “And she hates you.”

[We come up with the idea of putting Summers in a room with all the data we have in accessible – but non-transportable – form, and an open door to the outside world if she wants to leave.]
Brock: “We just have to trust she is not as stubborn as Lukas, who would immediately leave.”

[Flash forward six days! Starting in media res, Lyta is escorting Doc Chambers and Melvin Bradwick out of the DN Bank in Prince Gable, with the rest of the PCs in various support positions. We are, naturally, attacked.]
Zac: “If I knew what I was doing here, I might be considered.”

[We take stock of the hostiles.]
Georges the GM: “These guys look like mercs.”
Ariel: “Good – then I can shoot them.”

[Lukas is driving the getaway vehicle. He pulls up close to Lyta et al, but doesn’t roll great.]
Brock: “I was gonna say, ‘I don’t wanna roll over the Doc,’ but…”
Julie: “Remember your sister’s there.”
Brock: “Eh, she’ll jump out of the way.”

[Lukas picks up Lyta, the Doc, and Bradwick, and starts driving off. Sadly, he rolls right onto a monofilament tripwire set into the road.]
Georges the GM: “The right wheel falls off as the wire is caught in the axle.”
Zac: “Wow, what is it made of?!”
Brock: “Find out.”

[We take stock of the situation with the hostiles.]
Brock: “One’s dead, one’s wounded, one’s reconsidering his occupation.”

[Just when things seem to getting back on track, the hostile Gears show up.]
Zac: “Why are we running this op without Gears?”
Brock: “I blame the Doc for planning it.”

[Georges the GM sums up the situation.]
Georges the GM: “So, you’ve brought a car to a Gear fight.”

[The Gear pilot prepares to do us a world of harm.]
Gear Pilot: *botches while shooting rockets at Fennec*
Brock: “Surprise! The rockets were mounted backwards!”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “Yup, there’s a moment there where…”
Brock: “Where you’re glad you brought the brown pants.”

[Lukas prepares to fire back.]
Brock: “I’m going to assume there’s a rocket in this car.”
Georges the GM: “That’s a safe assumption.”
Brock: “I’m also gonna assume this guy doesn’t have Gear Pilot 3.”
Georges the GM: “Also a fair assumption.”

[The problem with starting things in media res…]
Ariel: “Do we still need Bradwick for anything?”
Julie: “I don’t know. I don’t even know what we needed him for up until now.”

[We high-tail it away from the scene of the fight.]
Brock: “I’m gonna pre-‘I told you so’ if there’s a Gear on this street.”

[The eternal question rears its head again.]
Brock: “I’m gonna consult with our team leader.”
Zac: “I thought you were in charge. Funny how that fluctuates to suit you.”

[Flashing back again! It is the day before the op to capture Summers, and we are preparing to meet with Doc Chambers. The question is, who to bring?]
Zac: “Given my personal experience with you in situations like this, I’m inclined to insist you stay home.”
Brock: “That seems prudent.”

[More of the same. Recall that Doc Chambers threatened to have us killed if we didn’t do the Port Arthur job of killing Gustafson.]
Brock: “I do not want to see the Doc, because I want to kill him, but I also don’t want to leave the two of you alone in a room with him.”

[Brock ensures we have our contingencies laid out.]
Brock: “What is our plan to kill the Doc? Just if we need to.”

[We consider our upcoming meeting.]
Zac: “How do you see this going?”
Brock: “Badly.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: “How do we rectify this situation without planting bullets in people’s bodies?”
Brock: “…”

[We consider what to tell the Doc.]
Zac: “So are we negotiating from a position of power?”
Julie: “No. But we’re not negotiating from a position of no power.”

[We prepare to meet the Doc.]
Zac: “I’m feeling much less afraid of meeting the Doc than reporting to Lukas afterwards.”

[We meet the Doc. Fennec accuses him of threatening to kill us if we didn’t do the job. Things do not start off well.]
Doc Chambers: “There’s no delicate way to say this – you’re expendible.”

[Fennec presses the Doc on what it would have taken for him not to have us killed.]
Doc Chambers: “How much are you worth to me? No… how little are you worth to me?”

[More of the same.]
Doc Chambers: “I would say Lyta’s life is worth half a million, but that’s me being sentimental.”

[The Doc is smug and condescending, as expected.]
Brock: “Now I kinda wish we were living in the world where we allowed the Hermes to blow up.”

[Zac summarizes our conversation with the Doc.]
Zac: “We are useful tools… until we are not.”

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