Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lyonnesse Broadcasting Corporation

Digging Too Deep
How a company's history of war profiteering is still taking its toll

By Walter Baron, Snr Editor LBC Weekly print edition.
A week ago we reported on the death of one of our colleagues, Trevor Heinz. His body was found in a sordid scene with the wife of another man. Adding fuel to the media frenzy fire, it was later revealed that the allegedly cuckolded husband has been a long time friend. But since those events, new evidence, as well as inconsistencies in the official story, have come to light. There were already notable forensic discrepancies which cast doubt on the official determination that Mrs. Wallace had killed Mr. Heinz and then taken her own life. It has since been revealed that Mr. Wallace, a security specialist for the FBC, was in fact missing and presumed dead and that Mr. Heinz had been investigating his disappearance.

Today, this news organization received a time-delayed secured data drop set up by Mr. Heinz in the event that he was unable, or prevented, from releasing critical information to the public.

Trevor Heinz had been extensively researching WestRim before his death. This weapons manufacturer has had a stellar market performance since its IPO last cycle. WestRim started as a simple subsidiary of WestCorp, a holding company with various divisions but whose principal business was built upon mining. WestRim was conceived as a weapons division arising from the fissionable product of that mining enterprise.

WestRim’s business prospects skyrocketed when Mrs. Schroeder, a former director from NorthCo, left that company to head WestRim as its new CEO. Most recently, while hosting NorthCo’s 400th anniversary party in their new building in Lyonesse, attacks on WestRim threatened the UMF treasurer Solomon Davi as well as the head of NorthCo Natalya Korolov. It has been speculated that FBC agents had been involved in both that event and a public shootout in front of the building in the days just before. It was also just prior to these events that Mr. Wallace was last seen.

In his investigation, Mr. Heinz uncovered that WestRim’s intrigue started well before those events. His research shows that WestRim emerged from a nebulous restructuring of WestCorp in Autumn 1925 which completely dissolved the former parent company and eliminated almost all traces of its existence. Prior to 1925 WestCorp had other holdings besides WestRim, all of which have now been expunged. One such division was the Mintech Mining Company which, during the war, fell under CEF control. In 1916 the Mintech holdings were sold to WestCore, another WestCorp subsidiary.

One particularly infamous Mintech mine was situated near Prince Gable and operated during the war with slave labour provided by the CEF camp designated 9a.

Records of the Mintech mines and their profiteering during the war disappeared in 1925 along with the entire board of directors of WestCorp. Our preliminary investigations show that the president of the holding company, Bahkat Ishmad, along with the majority of the board membership, were murdered. Only one member has not been accounted for, a man named Melvin Bradwick currently missing and wanted for questioning by the Prince Gable Police Force.

A pattern emerges from these records showing a dark history of war profiteering, collusion with the CEF, shadowy business practices and repeated murders to obfuscate the corporate origins of WestRim. In light of this new evidence and the shortcomings of the previous investigation, it is our belief that our colleague was murdered. Not by Mrs. Wallace, whom we believe along with her husband are also victims of this conspiracy, but by a cowardly and criminal group who wish to keep these records suppressed.

We will be releasing a number of articles over the next few editions, providing more in-depth investigation into elements of Mr. Heinz’s research, but we felt it was important to provide our readership with some salient facts at the earliest opportunity. We feel this is what Trevor would have wanted and what his memory deserves.

At this time, WestRim has declined to comment on our investigation.

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