Saturday, June 25, 2016


Moving ever so slowly forward! This week, Our Heroes (tm) worked on tracking the packages that will hopefully lead them to Gustafson and Vovelle. Because you can’t kill what you can’t find.

[The team finds out that among others, Doc Chambers has also jumped on the “threaten the PCs” bandwagon. Lyta calls Hotel Bravo hoping to hear it from the Doc’s own lips but is stonewalled by Karin.]
Karin Hassan: “How are you? I guess you’ve been doing better?”
Lyta: “Yaeh, I’ve been better. Partiall because of the Doc.”
Brock: “Oh, burn!”

[The next step in tracking Gustafson is to break into the WestEx warehouse and attempt to relieve the lead foreman of her clipboard, which contains the day’s illicit parcels.]
Brock: “It’s a lotta risk to look at one clipboard, that’s good for one day, and this may be the day nothing interesting is shipping.”

[We consider the logistics of what we need to find out.]
Lukas: “Let’s assume the eggs come in… and by eggs we mean contraband…”

[We think about our options.]
Brock: “My preferred solution is drone.”
Georges the GM: “It always is.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Given that our options are between complete failure—“
Zac: “In fairness, that’s a possibility with all our options.”

[And yet more.]
Ariel: “What would a person who has training in this do?”
Georges the GM: “Use a drone.”

[Ultimately we decide to have Lyta and Lukas tag-team the foreman, with Lyta tripping her and forcing her to drop the clipboard, and Lukas handing it back to her while surreptitiously snapping a picture of the contents.]
Brock: “What does Harry think?”
Georges the GM: “Sounds simple. Simple is good.”

[As we enact our plan…]
Brock: “You should have hit her leg and said, ‘This is from the Forzi!’, and run off. Missed opportunity!”

[Lyta manages to trip the foreman but doesn’t roll well on her theatrics to make it look like an accident.]
Security: *escort Lyta off the premises*
Julie: “You know what I got out of this? Half a shift of not doing hard labor!”

[From the clipboard, we discover that there were two packages delivered to the Officers’ Quarter, of which we were already aware, and two very large packages heading about an hour out of down. We prepare to follow the latter.]
Brock: “We should be scouting. With a nuke.”
Julie: “We don’t have a nuke, and the only person we know who might have a nuke is the guy we’re supposed to kill.”

[We head out of town on our reconnaissance mission.]
Georges the GM: “What are you bringing? A drone, your computer…?”
Zac: “The answer to your question is yes. The answer to all your question is yes.”

[As we leave…]
Brock: “Is there any chance to get maps before we head up to potentially the only road?”

[We take all the equipment.]
Brock: “So we’re loaded up for bear?”
Zac: “Loaded up for Gustafson.”
Brock: “Which is essentially the same thing. It’s a medium flak situation.”

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