Friday, June 10, 2016


A full session, several dozen xp spent, and we’re no closer to our mission targets than we were when we started. How nice.

[Georges the GM sets the scene.]
Georges the GM: “I think this is the closest we’ve come to a TPK.”

[Recall that Lukas has been taken by goons from Corner Coffee. Fennec and Lyta try to figure out how to rescue him.]
Georges the GM: “If you two think you can come up with a better plan, then you should do so. If not, then by all means go in guns blazing.”
Zac: “Part of me wants to call his bluff.”

[As Lyta and Lukas strategize, Lukas decides to take things into his own hands.]
Zac: “Is he gonna escape on his own? That’d suck.”

[Lukas tries to figure out how to escape. Mostly unsuccessfully.]
Georges the GM: “”This is not a MacGyver-friendly room.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “Brock, roll notice.”
Ariel: “You notice they’re rolling more dice than you are.”

[Lukas has realized that the false ceiling could allow him to get into the next room.]
Brock: “I’ll wedge the door, hop, and then run.”
Zac: (sarcastically) “Right, this is much better than us coming in with guns blazing.”

[Lyta and Fennec are across the street from where Lukas is being held, not that he has any way of knowing that.]
Julie: “He has no idea where we are.”
Zac: “Which is why he’s doing something stupid.”

[Lukas hops the wall but realizes that someone might have noticed him.]
Brock: “I make my move!”
Georges the GM: “Which was… what again?”
Brock: “I jump over the partition into the next room.”
Zac: “You mean the room the fembot was just looking in?”

[As Lukas makes his move and finds himself about to engage in combat…]
Julie: “We may not have a chance to be the heroic rescue team.”
Zac: “The question is, where are we right now?”

[The view from across the street.]
Georges the GM: “You see Lukas’ feet disappearing over a wall and two men break into the room he just left.”
Julie: “…Well, that ups our timeline.”

[As Lukas looks like he’s about to engage in combat and Lyta and Fennec are rushing towards the scene, Zac provides unhelpful advice.]
Zac: “You have to stop the combat, play for time, and then the turns will go by faster.”

[Georges the GM provides unhelpful advice right back at us.]
Georges the GM: “You could have fired through the window into the room.”
Julie: “Except the blinds are drawn.”
Georges the GM: “…That’s true. I had not considered that.”

[Lukas engages in combat. Briefly.]
Georges the GM: “They surround you.”
Brock: *botches* “So… this is where they pile onto me.”

[Moments later…]
Georges the GM: “They have you dogpiled and immobilized.”
Brock: “That seems reasonable.”
Georges the GM: “They bring you back, get a new chair, and bind you to it at the wrists and ankles.”
Brock: “…That seems reasonable.”

[Ariel provides unhelpful advice.]
Ariel: “Can he be like Black Widow and take them all out while bound to the chair?”
Zac: “He couldn’t take them all out while not bound to the chair.”

[Brock reflects on Lukas’ failed escape attempt.]
Brock: “That went worse than I’d hoped.”

[Lyta and Fennec prepare to storm the Corner Coffee offices were Lukas is being held. For the record: this is not a smart idea.]
Zac: “If we’re making our assumptions based on wise decision-making, we would go home.”

[Lyta and Fennec plan to go up separately, Lyta on top of the elevator and Fennec up the fire stairs.]
Zac: “What do you think of our plan?”
Julie: “I think it’ll end in tears, but let’s do it anyway.”

[Fennec goes up the fire doors but does not roll tremendously on her notice.]
Brock: “There are worse fates.”
Julie: “Than what?”
Brock: “Than tripping on a tripwire grenade trap.”

[Fennec realizes the door at the top of the fire stairs is locked.]
Georges the GM: “You’re convinced you can open it given enough time… unless you roll poorly.”

[We prepare to storm the castle.]
Zac: “Eh, worst-case scenario, we all die, Torgath retires and becomes an author, and we all have Thursday nights free from now on.”

[Lyta launches forth from the elevator into the Corner Coffee offices.]
Georges the GM: *lays down minis representing the thugs in a straight line*
Julie: “Dominos! Nice!”

[Realizing that our enemies are nicely lined up in a row.]
Zac: “We totally went with the wrong strategy. We should have set up a heavy-calibre machine gun in the hallway.”

[Lyta realizes that her plan to be a shiny distraction while Fennec slips in to rescue Lukas may have a few flaws.]
Georges the GM: “You see everyone looking at the fire entrance.”
Brock: “So the plan worked, just the wrong way round.”

[Lyta and Fennec are severely under-equipped for an op of this scale.]
Zac: “Man, a grenade would be great right now.”
Julie: “Wouldn’t it just.”

[As we engage in 7-on-2 combat…]
Zac: “Well, shit.”
Ariel: “And I thought my situation was bad. I’d hate to be you guys right now.”

[Fennec enacts her part of the plan.]
Zac: “I fling open the door, because we’re all gonna die. If we’re gonna TPK, let’s do it.”

[Combat ensues.]
Zac: “When I committed to this path, I went in with the knowledge I might die. After that, what’s the worst that can happen?”
Brock: “I don’t know what you’re complaining about – it’s only three to one!”

[Brock sums up how we got into this situation in the first place.]
Brock: “I let myself be kidnapped by people I thought were my friends. Oops.”

[Just as the fight is starting to turn Lyta and Fennec’s way, they realize the police have arrived and will be on-site within seconds.]
Julie: “So we’re leaving you to SecBuro?”
Brock: “Another aborted rescue!”

[More of the same.]
Julie: “Brock, will yu hate me forever if I leave you to SecBuro?”
Brock: “No, no. I mean, I wouldn’t leave you…”

[Meanwhile, Torgath has gotten free of the mercs and is headed towards Lyta and Fennec. First step: get wheels.]
Ariel: “I pay a guy a thousand dinar to borrow his car for an hour.”
Brock: “Or you could sfika him, put him in the trunk, and drive off. Kidnapping and felony auto theft!”

[Lukas is arrested by SecBuro.]
Julie: “It’s gonna be harder to get him out now. You know that, right?”
Zac: “But easier than the bottom of a lake with cement shoes.”

[As Fennec and Lyta watch the aftermath of their aborted attack.]
Georges the GM: “A number of ambulances show up.”
Brock: “’A number’.”

[Lukas is in SecBuro custody.]
Georges the GM: “The charges are…”
Zac: “Auto-incarceration? Self-zip-tying?”

[Reflecting on the fact that only Lukas was arrested, and none of the Forzi who kidnapped him.]
Georges the GM: “There’s nothing illegal taking place at Corner Coffee.”
Brock: “Except for the part where they illegally detain me.”

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