Friday, July 3, 2015


This week’s session amounted to: Find the dog, hack the dog, follow the dog. And, of course, try to prevent HIRA and HAPF from getting suspicious, which proved somewhat more difficult than anticipated.

[Fennec calls Oscar to get his help in hacking the webble. Oh, Oscar, how we missed you…]
Oscar: “It is such a pleasure to see you again, you sultry scarlet creature!”
Fennec: “Well, don’t you have a honey tongue.”

[More of the same.]
Fennec: “This project has kind of a tight timeline.”
Oscar: “I love all things tight.”

[To track the webble more effectively, Fennec and Lyta must climb to the top of the HAPF tower and hack into their comms equipment. First step: send our aerial drone up to the top with a lead line.]
Zac: “I have pilot: drone.”
Julie: “You’ll be busy, though.”
Zac: “I also have pilot: boat.”
Julie: “That’ll be less useful.”

[On the idea of climbing the HAPF tower.]
Zac: “It’s like we always take the most spectacular and circuitous route to solving our problems.”

[Fennec does not have the world’s best climbing ability. Which could be problematic.]
Brock: “I wouldn’t spend any xp that would taken you below 5, because you’re gonna need ‘em.”

[On the topic of spending xp for the ascent.]
Zac: “I’m attached by a rope, so there’s a limit to how spectacularly wrong this can go.”
Brock: “I’m glad you think so.”

[Lyta and Fennec climb the tower, hack into the comms system, and safely make their way down.]
Zac: “An hour and a half of planning, 5 minutes of dice rolling.”
Julie: “As is so often the case.”

[Sometimes Zac jumps the gun.]
Brock: “Do we have a signal?”
Zac: “Yes! [beat] Wait, do we?”

[Now that we have the signal, we are able to hack into the webble and install Oscar’s worm and tracker.]
Brock: “So far everything has gone exactly according to plan.”
Zac: “There’s gotta be a catch.”

[It turns out the caravan that Rick Ash is selling the webbled dog to is in fact Benelice’s caravan, which poses some complications.]
Brock: “’Offshoot’ was not counted in my list. Root, branch, but not offshoot. Otherwise we could take ‘em out right now.”

[The caravan leaves with the webbled dog on board.]
Julie: “Could Ti have put a bug in the caravan when he was buying the part for our antelope?”
Georges the GM: “He could have if we’d thought of it.”

[We think about ways we might get a bug onto the caravan as we track it.]
Brock: “Why don’t we have a rifle-deployable bug?! What kind of slipshod operation are we running here?!”

[If we had certain equipment, it would be much easier to pick up on signals from the caravan. If only.]
Zac: “If only I had a Chatterbox!”
Brock: “If only you hadn’t been a traitorous bastard!”

[As we are watching the caravan, we realize that we ourselves are being watched by someone with an aerial drone.]
Lukas: “Everyone go prone and fan out.”
Everyone Else: *does*
Woman via Drone: “Well, that was… probably called for, but pointless. You all do put out a fairly strong heat signal.”

[Lukas has figured out where approximately the woman operating the drone is surveilling us from and sneaks his way up to her.]
Georges the GM: “You narrowly dodge a bullet. You’re close, but you’re fairly certain they know you’re there.”

[Lukas and Ti manage to neutralize the drone operator, though in the process both Ti and the woman are shot. Ti goes off to get the woman’s mount and to tend to his own wounds. The woman is in a less autonomous situation.]
Lukas: “I’m gonna apply first aid, but if you try anything, I’m gonna kill you.”

[Note that Ti was also injured in the brief shootout.]
Zac: “Ti’s shot? Is anyone concerned?”
Julie: “Lyta’s good at being worried quietly.”

[It turns out the woman operating the drone is a Humanist ranger. She was watching us because she thought we were rovers.]
Ranger: “If you’re not rovers, you just gotta explain what you’re doing here.”
Everyone Else: “…”
Ranger: “That’s what I figured.”

[We realize that if the ranger puts in her report, it will immediately flag to HIRA.]
Zac: “Why does HIRA care about this?”
Georges the GM: “Because they’re HIRA. They care about everything.”

[Ti and Lukas peg upon the idea of posing as Peace River Defense Force operatives. Now it’s just a matter of giving the ranger a different target…]
Brock: “Do we want to give up Benelice?”
Julie: “Because we haven’t done enough to the poor woman already…”

[It turns out the ranger has bought Lukas and Ti’s bluff completely.]
Zac: “She’s so innocent. Aw, it means we don’t get to keep her sweet thumb-stick rifle!”

[We send the ranger off on her way, none the wiser of what we’re really doing.]
Georges the GM: “We have successfully defused the situation.”
Zac: “I’m proud of us. A little less blood on our hands.”
Brock: “Though both Ti and the ranger were shot.”

[It seems that Benelice is headed, at least for now, along her normal route towards New Baja.]
Ti Corovan: “That’s a question: how much do we want to tell Riley?”
Lukas: “You know my vote.”
Ti Corovan: “Nothing? This is a rare case where I actually find myself agreeing with you.”

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