Saturday, May 16, 2015


Further into the slave trade! This week, Lukas plans to kidnap the head AST officer in Bangweuleu, and he realizes what sort of monsters he has fallen in with.

[We catch Zac up on the events of last session.]
Julie: “Tatant is the main reeducation facility of the Alliance.”
Zac: “Why were you being reeducated?”
Julie: “…I’m not a nice person.”

[As the meeting with Azim finishes up, he mentions that the head of the MILICIA in Bangweuleu, Col. Philippe Marchand, has recently started intercepting all sorts of smuggled shipments, including the sort that we want to transport.]
Roger: “So, did I hear that we’re supposed to kidnap, interrogate, and kill this Marchand guy?”
Lukas: “No, we’re gonna do a raid on their data centre.”
Roger: “Oh. So long as we’re not doing anything dangerous, then.”
Julie: “And this is where Georges throws all his notes out the window.”

[Zac is playing a fixer named Mazir Bakala, a contact of Roger’s and Azim’s, who has more information on Marchand.]
Brock: “So what’s your plan?”
Zac: “What is my plan?”
Georges the GM: “You’re thinking this guy needs to be… dealt with.”

[Roger, Karima, and Lukas go to meet Mazim.]
Roger: “We’ve been informed you have a thorn in your side, and we have been instructed to be, in this metaphor, tweezers.”

[Introductions are made all around.]
Zac: “What is Jax looking like these days?”
Brock: “Averagey.”

[Lukas suspects that the reason Marchand has been so good at intercepting shipments is that there’s a mole in one of the smuggling operations.]
Georges the GM: (to Zac) “There are probably six people who could be the mole. Seven if you include yourself.”

[Part of the plan necessarily includes interrogating Marchand, and we have just the guy to do it.]
Roger: “Are we gonna assume the Doc is gonna go along with this just because we said so?”
Mazir: “Look, if your doctor is squeamish…”
Roger: *laughs*

[Dr. Victor Leclerc, Julie’s character, is brought into the meeting and told what needs to be done.]
Mazir: “The subject may be stoic.”
Victor: “That’s never a problem.”

[Recall that the doctor was just broken out of a prison transport and has no equipment at the moment. Mazir offers to arrange things.]
Zac: “Make your list and I’ll see if it’s feasible.”
Georges the GM: “It’s all feasible.”
Julie: “It’s not high tech, just sharp.”

[We consider where to take Marchand.]
Mazir: “What do we need in the safehouse?”
Karima: “Soundproofing.”
Victor: “Good drainage.”

[We consider how to get Marchand somewhere that we can interrogate him.]
Ariel: “Can we just do the same plan as last time? It worked great then, and now we have two more people.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Well, since this is basically the exact same plan as the last plan, I think we’re all set.”

[Zac provides some suggestions to the plan.]
Zac: “We could get a helicopter with an electromagnet.”
Brock: “That was initially discarded because we can’t find something with that lift capacity.”
Georges the GM: “What you don’t realize is that much of this was hashed out last week.”

[From the school of ‘more is more.’]
Zac: “Should we have a contingency.”
Brock: “We do have a contingency: more rockets.”

[We go through the plan one more time, and realize that some NPCs are more trusted than others.]
Roger: “Which brings us to the final stage, in which we meet up with the doctor. Unless the doctor has been with us all along so we can keep an eye on the doctor.”

[We begin the plan, and realize that our driver Karima does not have any navigate: land.]
Brock: “That could be an early setback, if you’re just lost in traffic somewhere.”

[Karima does indeed manage to divert Marchand’s motorcade in the direction of our ambush.]
Georges the GM: “You guys see your poor, feckless victims coming down the road…”

[The plan is to set up explosive devices under the lead and tail vehicles, and then access Marchand’s main car. Sadly, the lead and tail vehicles are motorcycles, and thus maneuverable.]
Zac: “I think we should have just broken into his house and kidnapped him from there.”
Brock: “If they’d been driving cars like sensible people, this would have worked by now.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “In hindsight, we should have shot the car first. The third time we do this plan, it’ll be perfect.”

[The next stage of the plan is to flip the main car, both to immobilize it and to shake up the passengers.]
Georges the GM: “Ken’s flipping charge was perhaps more exuberant than it needed to be. The car does land. Eventually.”

[We crack open the car.]
Georges the GM: “In addition to Marchand and his guards are two children and a woman.”
Lukas: “…You didn’t mention this part.”

[The woman’s spine has been severely damaged in the attack.]
Brock: “I assume there’s not much I can do for the wife.”
Zac: “You can put her out of her misery.”

[Conveniently, we have a doctor. For certain values of 'convenient'.]
Julie: “Victor will stabilize the wife in such a way that she’ll live, but that she’ll be in pain for the rest of her life.”
Georges the GM: “…Why would you do that?!”
Julie: “Sadist.”

[Lukas and Roger realize what the doctor has done, partly because the wife is screaming a lot.]
Lukas: “Is she in as good a condition as she could be? You said yes, but you meant no.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “Doctor, your services are valuable, not invaluable.”

[A throwback to earlier in the evening.]
Julie: “This is why Victor was being transported to Tatant: because he’s a horrible person.”

[We capture Marchand and bring him to the safehouse.]
Georges the GM: “Who wants to be present at the interrogation?”
Brock: “Apparently we all better be, after what we just witnessed.”

[Georges the GM rolls extremely well at Marchand’s resistance to torture.]
Julie: “The more this guy holds out, the more the doctor is interested. He so rarely gets patients this strong!”

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