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Time for a change of perspective! While his siblings are off plotting to end the Bear’s human trafficking ring, Lukas has no time for such high-handed morals. Indeed, at the hands of his HIRA handlers and his Comptroller superiors, it looks like he will become a key player in the slave trade his siblings are attempting to stop. This week: a prison break and some tricky negotiations in the ESE…

[Lukas meets with Lucian Jacobi to get the details on his next op.]
Lucian Jacobi: “What sort of experience do you have in direct action?”
Lukas: “You mean, like making a movie?”

[Jacobi informs Lukas that the first step of the op is to rescue a prisoner currently being transported to the Tatant Reeducation Facility.]
Lucian Jacobi: “Your window of opportunity is in sixteen hours. It will take you at least six of those hours to get to Raleigh.”
Lukas: “Then you better show me where the guns are.”

[Lukas plans for the prisoner escape.]
Brock: “What vehicles are they using?”
Georges the GM: “Here’s the GM answer: if you bring Gears, they will have a truck and Gears. If you don’t, they will have a car and motorcycles. It’s scaleable!”

[Lukas’ second in the team is an NPC named Roger, the face man and general procurer.]
Roger: “We’ll have surprise on our side.”
Lukas: “And heavy weapons.”

[Ariel is playing Karima, driver and all-around vehicle operator.]
Georges the GM: “You found a hopper. It’s not fast enough or particularly stealthy, but they won’t know that until it’s too late.”

[The plans are intricate and elaborate, mostly involving the use of high explosives.]
Ariel: “Is it a truck?”
Georges the GM: “It’s an SUV.”
Brock: “Overplanning for the win!”

[Brock neatly sums up the plan.]
Brock: “Flaming fiery death and mayhem!”

[The plan is going well but not flawlessly, particularly not in the eyes of NPC mechanic Ken Wang.]
Georges the GM: “Ken gets to the side of the vehicle. He’s frustrated that it’s still moving.”

[Meanwhile, inside the vehicle with the prisoner, aka Julie’s character…]
Georges the GM: “The POP checks your chains, realizes you’re wounded and immobilized, looks at the sparks coming from the back door of the van, and realizes he has bigger problems.”

[Operation: rescue the prisoner, stage two!]
Brock: “I will call Roger to stand by with all the flash bangs!”
Georges the GM: “How many do you throw? Six? Eight?”
Brock: “All of them!”

[The prisoner was wounded in the rescue attempt, and then received a round of all the flash-bangs, and is unconscious.]
Julie: “Anyone gonna do first aid on me?”
Brock: “No.”
Julie: “Fair enough. I’ll do it myself when I wake up.”
Brock: “If.”

[As we’re making our getaway in Karima’s stolen hopper, we are subject to aerial pursuit.]
Brock: “It seems a careful person would have planned for this eventuality. Oh, wait, I did!”

[It turns out the pursuing hopper is not the POP as we feared but rather a news crew. We decide to make their lives difficult.]
Brock: “This is discouraging fire, as opposed to murderous fire.”

[Having successfully rescued the prisoner…]
Brock: “We sail on towards morning, which is getting closer the easter we go.”

[Julie’s new character, Dr. Victor Leclerc, receives a message as we reach Bangweuleu in the ESE.]
Message: “From now on, you work for the Comptroller or you don’t work at all.”
Julie: “Seems reasonable.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas and the others must meet with their human slave supplier.]
Brock: “Somebody has to watch the doctor, and since Ken is an NPC, it’s him.”

[As they leave to their meeting…]
Roger: “What do you make of our specialist?”
Lukas: “Seems weird.”
Roger: “I suppose we could ask some questions, find out what we can.”
Lukas: “Do we want to know?”
Roger: “Would you rather know or not know?”
Lukas: “Not know!”

[More of the same…]
Lukas: “What about you, Karima? DO you want to know what the doc does?”
Karima: “Well, if he’s known for cutting people open in their sleep, yes, because I don’t want that to happen to me. Otherwise, no.”

[Lukas and Roger meet with Azim, an Emerati middleman who has been procuring their slaves for them.]
Azim: “So, my friend, what can I do for you?”
Lukas: “We need some of our usual product.”
Azim: “I assumed as much. You do not come to see Azim for papayas.”

[Pleasantries are exchanged.]
Azim: “Friendship is above almost everything! Only below blood. Slightly above money.”

[Lukas is having a bit of a hard sell on what he wants, aka ten crates of hand-selected product, chosen by our specialist.]
Lukas: “I’m hoping that there are two things that will help convince you. Three things. First, our long-standing friendship. Second, that it is ten crates. And third, recognizing how valuable your time is and your deep investment in this endeavor, we are prepared to pay a personal commission to you above and beyond our usual rate.”

[After some heated negotiations which were wonderful but sadly too fast for me to write down…]
Brock: “We’ll shake on twelve and toast to eternal friendship and everlasting love. I eat an extra pastry.”

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