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Operation: Deliver Weapons to Port Arthur is underway! And all it took was yet more scuba diving, everyone’s favorite past-time! Oh, and crime. But that goes without saying.

[We contemplate the fate of the four SRID officers, at least two of whom are dead at our hands.]
Ariel: “I wasn’t responsible for killing anyone, so suck it!”
Zac: “I can’t be held responsible for what my bombs do if people are swimming by them at the time I happen to press the detonator.”

[We return to the main New Baja cave from Downtown. The cops are already waiting on the docks.]
Georges the GM: “There’s an underwater access to Riley’s shop that bypasses the docks.”
Julie: “Almost like he’s a smuggler.”
Georges the GM: “Almost. But he’s not.”
Brock: “Recreationally, not professionally.”

[As we emerge into Riley’s shop, Lukas hears someone in the next room.]
Lukas: *makes hand signals*
Ariel: “There’s hand signals? I pull my gun!”

[It turns out the ‘someone’ is actually Miranda Winters.]
Georges the GM: “Winters is having a beer.”
Zac: “Is there enough for everyone?”
Georges the GM: “It’s Riley’s.”

[We make small talk with Winters.]
Lukas: “So, that was exciting.”
Miranda Winters: “It was. You caught a fish.”
Torgath: “Is that a euphemism?”

[We start thinking about the next part of our plan: removing Winters’ six crates from New Baja to bring them to Port Arthur. Some of us immediately leap to certain plans.]
Riley Markus: “Tell me, Miss Winters, how much do these crates weigh? And are they waterproof?”

[We consider a plan whereby we sink the crates onto underwater dinghies and tug them along through the Macallen Network.]
Fennec: “You ever led an underwater train like this before?”
Riley Markus: “As a matter of fact, I have.”

[There are two options for exiting the Macallens. The first is only 500-600 meters upstream.]
Torgath: “Where’s the other exit, the one that involves a harrowing trek through tight underwater tunnels?”

[We must consider all alternatives.]
Lukas: “I’m not pushing back on this plan, but do we really think there will be a problem with driving six shipping crates of weapons marked ‘Paxton Arms’ through the MILICIA checkpoint?”
Ariel: “You’re trying to stop an underwater sub adventure?!”

[The first part of any plan: make it seem that your plan isn’t the real plan.]
Fennec: “We need our distraction to be obvious but not too obvious. We need it fast…”
Torgath: “Fire?”

[We consider who we’ll get to drive the crates to Port Arthur once we get them out of New Baja. There is one obvious choice, of course.]
Lukas: “I don’t know if we want to mix them up in this.”
Riley Markus: “It’s your rodeo – you get to pick the clown.”

[There’s also the issue of hauling the crates out of the water at the far end. Option 1: pack up some work gears in a crate and bring them along too. Option 2: underwater Gears. Which don’t exist. Until they do.]
Lyta: “So we’ve already got one of these things? More than one of these things?”
Riley Markus: “Say for the purposes of this adventure we’ve got one.”

[Lukas goes off to set up the pickup. He heads to the local BCG office.]
Georges the GM: “It’s a store-front. Looks like a UPS office.”
Brock: “I look for the hidden back door.”

[Lukas is eventually greeted by Mary-Lou, the local BCG rep.]
Lukas: “I want to be put on your secure line to Khayr ad-Din.”
Mary-Lou: “…My secure line?”

[Mary-Lou gets on the secure line. Of course, the people in KAD want to know who’s calling.]
Mary-Lou: (on phone) “Yeah, he’s standing right next to me. Tall…”
Georges the GM: “That’s all we can come up with.”

[Mary-Lou is on the phone with Tess, still struggling to describe Lukas.]
Lukas: *puts up hand to cover half his face*
Mary-Lou: (on phone) “Now’s he’s covering half his face with his hand. ...You do? …You did? …You didn’t?!”

[Mary-Lou has figured out who Lukas is.]
Mary-Lou: “You’re friends with Karen.”
Lukas: “I’m friends with a lot of people.”
Mary-Lous: “Well, Karen doesn’t have many friends. And one of her friends says you’re a special friend.”
Brock: “I have the grace to look mildly embarrassed.”

[Lukas eventually gets the Doc on the phone.]
Lukas: “How are you?”
Doc Chambers: “Good. I’m installing a Jacuzzi.”
Lukas: “That seems…”
Doc Chambers: “Extravagant? Luxurious?”
Lukas: “Wasteful.”

[Lukas lays out the job.]
Lukas: “I need a pick-up by trucks that you don’t own.”

[More about the job.]
Lukas: “We’re going to Port Arthur.”
Doc Chambers: “By which route?”
Lukas: “Whichever.”

[And the kicker.]
Lukas: “I want to get a cargo to Port Arthur, and I want to pay for it in information.”
Doc Chambers: “…”

[After speaking with Doc Chambers, Lukas returns to the Underhang to see if he can pick up the train of Pascal ‘The Pain’ Pigeon. Instead, he finds local cop Shelly Crawford.]
Shelly Crawford: “I heard you went fishing.”
Lukas: “Not me. I don’t even like fish.”

[Crawford says he knows where The Pain is holed up and offers to walk Lukas over. Lukas notices Crawford’s duster, which is in fact part of the uniform of the characters from our previous game..]
Lukas: “That’s an unusual-lookin’ jacket.”
Shelly Crawford: “It’s a… holdover. From earlier times.”

[It turns out Crawford is not actually taking Lukas to see The Pain.]
Shelly Crawford: “Here you go, Lenny. You said you wanted to talk to him.”
Zac: “You got played!”

[Lenny Green is the local chief of police. He’s gotten wind that we had something to do with the business in Downtown. Lukas, as always, is playing dumb.]
Lukas: “Maybe you can fill me in on what you think it is that I know that you don’t.”

[Green notes how he remembers Lukas.]
Lenny Green: “I don’t forget faces.”
Julie: “Which is amazing, because Lukas isn’t wearing the same face.”

[Green notes that The Pain hired a local to get into a barfight with Lyta for a particular purpose.]
Lenny Green: “Description says she’s a fearsome fighter.”
Zac: “That was disproven!”

[Green pokes a little deeper.]
Lenny Green: “Now, you wouldn’t have done anything to piss off a bogeyman called The Bear, would you?”
Lukas: “What sort of thing would piss him off? What business is he in?”
Lenny Green: “Depending on what rumors you listen to, just about everything.”

[Lukas continues to play dumb.]
Lukas: “As for your SRID troubles… you can’t have SRID troubles because we’re not in the South.”

[Meanwhile, back at the shop, Riley has taken Lyta to see the underwater Gear.]
Julie: “I will rule that Lyta has enough knowledge of pop culture to name it Nessie.”

[We receive word of the investigation into the confrontation in Downtown.]
Riley Markus: “They found a body.”
Lukas: “That’s good. Given that it’s the third SRID guy and not one of our previous two.”

[Riley tells Lukas about the guy who’s looking into what happened.]
Riley Markus: “Sheldon Crawford is a hell of an investigator.”
Lyta: “Why do we keep running into those?!”

[When Riley leaves the room, Lukas gets a little more information.]
Lukas: “So, what did he show you?”
Lyta: “…It’s really cool.”

[As we’re hanging out at Riley’s we get a call from Miranda Winters, who lets us know she’s been arrested by the MILICIA.]
Zac: “We don’t need to spring her because technically she hasn’t done anything wrong… yet.”

[Riley returns from the other room.]
Riley Markus: “I think I know where Pigeon is.”
Fennec: (whispering) “He’s right behind you!”

[Turns out Pigeon is at the warehouse where our crates are. So the plan is almost ready to be put in motion. Almost.]
Lukas: “As far as getting the crates into the water…”
Riley Markus: “Well, I hadn’t really thought of that.”
Zac: “That’s the GM’s subtle way of telling us to think for ourselves.”

[We arrive at the warehouse. Lyta, Fennec, and Torgath scuba in. Lukas, meanwhile, has disguised himself very convincingly as Pigeon and is using his uniform and pass.]
Zac: “It would be great if Shelly arrested him now.”
Georges the GM: “I wish I’d thought of that. I’m disappointed in myself now.”

[Lyta spots the real Pigeon. Lukas moves to intercept and darts him.]
Brock: “As a matter of fact, I can have everything I want. That’s the point of this game!”

[Lukas has darted Pigeon, but the tranquilizer isn’t immediately effective.]
Pascal ‘The Pain’ Pigeon: (on comms) “He’s here!” *passes out*
Brock: “That’s what I get for gloating.”

[Lukas dumps Pigeon in a barrel of grease and starts wheeling it to where Lyta and Torgath are… on the other side of a secure barrier.]
Georges the GM: “You’re not bringing the grease barrel as you try to sneak through the checkpoint, are you?”
Brock: “Well, I need him.”
Zac: “He wants everything he wants.”

[Lukas reaches the checkpoint.]
Brock: “I try my passcard.”
Zac: (as Lukas) “I just need to bring this… grease…”

[Lyta manages to sedate the security guard, but not before she raises the alarm. People start shooting at us from the far end of the warehouse. Note that Fennec is nowhere nearby, as she’s been sent to get us a barge to put our crates onto.]
Torgath: “You guys okay?”
Fennec: “Naw, it’s just some guys on the other side of the warehouse shootin’ at each other.”

[We try to figure out what to do about the guys shooting at us.]
Zac: “We came in with no weapons at all?!”
Brock: “The point was to avoid gunfire.”
Zac: “When have you ever not brought weapons?!”

[People are still shooting at Lyta and Lukas.]
Zac: “Over the comms, I realize you guys are in trouble?”
Brock and Julie, in quick succession: “We’re not in trouble.”

[We realize the people shooting at us are in fact Pigeon’s associates and not security. We go the ‘feign innocence’ route.]
Zac: “You should run and scream, just to make it believable.”

[Ultimately, security engages the guys shooting at us long enough for us to get the crates, the grease barrel, and the PCs on to the barge.]
Lukas: “You need to drive us behind something big.”
Fennec: “But it’s a circular lake. Behind anything is in front of something else.”

[Lukas has a way with getaway commands.]
Lukas: “Make like a leaf and leave!”

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