Friday, September 5, 2014


Back in the Badlands again! In this week’s session, Lukas learned more about our temporarily-misappropriated family fortune, and Our Heroes (tm) learned how to scuba-dive. It seemed like the thing to do at the time.

[We contemplate how to get from Thebes in the Humanist Alliance to New Baja in the Badlands.]
Ariel: “A zeppelin is an option?! Can we do the zeppelin?!”

[Counterintuitively, to get to the Badlands we must go through the North. Which involves paperwork.]
Georges the GM: “Does Fennec have forgery?”
Brock: “I do!”
Zac: “That surprises me not at all.

[As we travel, Lyta brings up the elephant in the room: Lukas’ plastic surgery.]
Lyta: “Why didn’t you tell us?!”
Lukas: “Why does it matter?”
Georges the GM: “Hold on, let me plug in the giant ‘honesty’ sign.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “I’m failing to see why this is bothering you.”
Lyta: “Yeah, I can tell.” *gives him the silent treatment for three days*
Georges the GM: “So, lovely conversations not had…”

[As we’re leaving the Alliance…]
Fennec: “Can I ask about the status of our resources other than the clothes on our back?”
Lyta: “…They exist?”
Lukas: “You’ll have to phrase that more specifically.”

[We arrive at New Baja. Fennec has been here more recently than the rest of the PCs, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.]
Georges the GM: “Last time you were here, you did something… somewhat illegal.”

[Fennec raises the obvious question.]
Fennec: “Have we figured out why they need us to do this job?”
Lukas: “Because we’re disposable.”
Georges the GM: “Also the other ‘D’ word, deniable.”

[We consider briefly whether Lyta and Torgath should go to Junira Loresh and meet up with Lukas and Fennec on their way to Port Arthur.]
Brock: “You could literally be killed at any time, and you possess information no one else has.”
Ariel: “I’ll be fine.”

[Once settled into New Baja, the PCs head over to a bar of ill repute.]
Georges the GM: “A big, burly man approaches Lyta. He’s powerful ugly.”
Julie: “Oh, it’s been so long since Lyta’s been in a bar fight!”

[Lyta gets into a bar fight.]
Zac: “Do I get to watch?”
Georges the GM: “Yeah.”
Zac: “Can I lay bets?”
Georges the GM: “Sure.”

[Lyta fights the large, burly man.]
Ariel: “On a scale of 1 to 5, how aroused is he?”
Georges the GM: “He looks like he’s holding a stool, and also propping up a stool with his pants.”

[Lyta is flippier than the big, burly man anticipated.]
Georges the GM: “This is not combat he’s used to.”
Zac: “In his long experience beating up little girls.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “He’s concerned something is about to happen to him he doesn’t understand.”
Zac: “It’s like a squirrel running around a tree branch.”
Brock: “And about as effective as it would be to the tree branch.”

[The fight continues.]
Georges the GM: “Zac, roll notice.”
Julie: “Am I a shiny distraction?”

[Fennec notices something.]
Georges the GM: “You notice someone watching the fight in a calculating manner.”
Zac: “That’s okay – it’s just Lukas.”

[The fight ultimately comes to a stalemate and Lyta allows her combatant to buy her a drink.]
Lyta: “You fight good.”
Fighter: “You smell good.”
Lyta: *slaps him*

[Shortly after the fight, a local law officer called Shelly Crawford enters and is pointed in Lyta’s direction.]
Shelly Crawford: “Boys are bein’ gentleman-like?”
Lyta: “As much as they ever are.”

[We realize that Riley Markus has a business venture set up in New Baja.]
Ariel: “I totally go visit Riley.”
Fennec: “What terms did you part on?”
Torgath: “Oh, we were good friends!”

[Torgath visits Riley Markus.]
Torgath: “You get my letters?”
Riley Markus: “I got some.”
Torgath: “I’ve been in jail since then. But I’m out now.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas gets a visit from Edgar Karmago, a lawyer looking into the fateof Donovar Lassander’s estate on behalf of Nicosa Renault. Over the course of the conversation, it’s revealed that Mr. Lassander’s Paxton stock was used to purchase controlling interest in WestCorp on 38 Spring 1916… three days after he died.]
Edgar Karmago: “Either it was done by his estate, or you’re mistaken about the date, or there was a fraudulent use of his account.”
Lukas: “Let’s assume it’s that last one.”

[On the topic of having Karmago do our research for us.]
Ariel: “A legal nerd is the best person to have on your side.”

[Karmago has found a will from Donovar Lassander mentioning three dependents: a wife and two children. Note that Lukas is working under an alias, not his real name.]
Edgar Karmago: “There’s no record of them surviving the Battle of Baja.”
Lukas: “We’re looking into it.”

[There’s also an amendment to Donovar Lassander’s will taking on another dependent, Todd Shelby, though the paperwork is incomplete. Lukas asks Karmago to investigate whether the Shelbys also had a will.]
Ariel: “Mr. and Mrs. ‘Not now, Todd, we’re busy’ Shelby.”

[While Lukas talks with the lawyer, Fennec’s been busy.]
Fennec: “We have guns. I don’t know if we wanna carry them.”
Lukas: “They’re not useful if you don’t have ‘em.”

[Note that no one bothered to tell Lyta about the guy who was watching her fight until a day or two later.]
Lyta: “You snap a picture?”
Fennec: “…No.”
Torgath: “Good going.”
Georges the GM: (to Ariel) “What about you, Mr. Tailing-the-Guy?”

[The next day, we all head over the Riley’s for a scuba lesson.]
Georges the GM: “I’m glad you guys were enthusiastic about getting scuba, because otherwise I would have had to force it on you.”

[We make like conversation with Riley Markus.]
Torgath: “If Benelice’s dad accidentally fell on a knife, how mad would you be?”
Riley Markus: “My prospective father-in-law?”
Torgath: “Maybe ten knives.”

[It turns out that Miranda Winters also has an appointment with Mr. Markus.]
Ariel: “How on our team is she?”
Brock: “Not.”

[Winters makes a show of getting Riley to introduce us to her.]
Georges the GM: “Her theatrics are… *rolls* …super-credible! You’re not even sure she knows you.”

[While Riley gets changed, the rest of us are left alone with Ms. Winters.]
Miranda Winters: “How would you like to do me a favor?”
Everyone Else: “…”
Miranda Winters: “I can feel the enthusiasm.”

[Winters wants us to take out an SRID team that will likely try to ambush a meeting she has tomorrow. She has been informed that this team will try to intercept our arms shipment to Port Arthur. She wants them incapacitated but not dead.]
Fennec: “What’s to say they’re not gonna come back in a couple of days anyway?”
Miranda Winters: “Hopefully you.”

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