Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: The Ghost and The Machine

Lorelei Nanda made no effort to separate work from personal life. In fact, she didn’t understand the notion of keeping them separate. To her, life was work and her work ensured life in the Alliance. She was born to her role, groomed for it, and as far as she was concerned, her sole reason for being was to contribute whatever she might to the greater good and Gropius’ vision. 

Consequently she was always at work or ready to work. Her system was set up to send her updates whenever they became available through a finely crafted but relatively innocuous bracelet she wore at all times. It followed her to the gym, she wore in in the shower, and she kept it on at night. She was sleeping when her device vibrated gently, rousing her.

She blinked a few times and sat up in bed. The lights in her bedroom came to half brightness automatically in response to her movement. She touched her data bracelet and a trideo monitor activated at the foot of her bed displaying an alert.

The Mentor in Thebes had monitored Okran Radsley getting arrested, and red flags were raised throughout her personal system. She accessed the POP file and read the charges and the results of the preliminary inquest. Radsley, Gabriel, Quinn, the whole lot! All of them were in custody. Lorelei threw her sheets off and stood in a panic, prompting her lights to come up to full luminosity. She continued reading the charges, and as the list grew so too did a terrifying thought: she had a mole. There was simply too much information there.

She took a suitcase out from her closet and starting packing it as she continued to scan the trideo feed of the POP’s proceedings. They would most likely be condemned the next morning and then sentenced. She had to get to Thebes first.

The more she read, the slower she packed as more and more of her attention was consumed by piecing the information together and analysing who was to blame for the leak. Ultimately, she stood immobile, an article of clothing dangling from her hand, as her mind was completely fixated. There was only once source for this level of surveillance.

Lorelei was always at work, always thinking about the job and protecting the Humanist Alliance. Sometimes this meant crossing certain lines between personal and professional boundaries.  She was ever vigilant and ever watching, so focused on her task that she didn’t care who was hurt in the short term so long as it served her mission. She wasn’t alone.

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