Friday, July 25, 2014

GameThug's Bookshelf - Update 5

Recent acquisitions are italicized.


DP9-001-----Heavy Gear (1st Ed) Rulebook
DP9-101HC-----Heavy Gear (2nd Ed) Rulebook
DP9-103-----Gamemaster Guide & Screen

DP9-033-----Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith
DP9-034-----Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind
DP9-056-----Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye
DP9-037-----Heavy Gear Design Works
DP9-035-----Campagin Setting #1 - The New Breed
DP9-040-----Campaign Setting #2 - The Paxton Gambit
DP9-021-----Character Compendium #1
DP9-018-----Into The Badlands
DP9-002-----Life On Terra Nova (1st Ed)
DP9-102-----Life on Terra Nova (2nd Ed)
DP9-109-----Operation Jungle Drums (Redux)
DP9-107-----Raids & Raiders

DP9-008-----Tactical Air Support - Aircraft & Aerial Warfare
DP9-108-----Tactical Dueling - Arena Champions
DP9-016-----Tactical Field Support - Artillery & Ground Warfare
DP9-004-----Technical Manual (1st Ed)
DP9-104-----Technical Manual  (2nd Ed)
DP9-005-----Duelist's Handbook (1st Ed)
DP9-105-----Duelist's Handbook - Champions & Daredevils (2nd Ed)
DP9-061-----Equipment Catalog
BTRC4001-----Guns! Guns! Guns! (3rd Ed)
BTRC4002-----More Guns!

DP9-030-----C.N.C.S. Leaguebook #1 - Northern Lights Confederacy
DP9-051-----C.N.C.S. Leaguebook #2 - United Mercantile Federation
DP9-052-----C.N.C.S. Leaguebook #3 Western Frontier Protectorate
DP9-046-----Northern Guard Army List
DP9-025-----Northern Vehicle Compendium #1 - Gears & Striders
DP9-038-----Northern Vehicle Compendium #2 - Tanks and Artillery
DP9-027-----Northern Record Sheets #1 - Gears and Striders
DP9-009-----Northern Vehicles Field Guide #1
DP9-012-----Northern Vehicles Field Guide #2

DP9-031-----A.S.T. Leaguebook #1 - Southern Republic
DP9-032-----A.S.T. Leaguebook #2 - Humanist Alliance
DP9-036-----A.S.T. Leaguebook #3 - Mekong Dominion
DP9-053-----A.S.T. Leaguebook #4 - Eastern Sun Emirates
DP9-024-----Southern Army List #1 - Honor, Glory & Steel
DP9-048-----Southern Milicia Army List
DP9-026-----Southern Vehicles Compendium #1 - Gears & Striders
DP9-039-----Southern Vehicles Compendium #2 - Tanks and Artillery
DP9-028-----Southern Record Sheets #1 - Gears and Striders
DP9-010-----Southern Vehicles Field Guide #1
DP9-013-----Southern Vehicles Field Guide #2

DP9-059-----Black Talon - Mission to Caprice
DP9-060-----Tactical Space Support
DP9-063-----Caprice Corporate Sourcebook
DP9-064-----Caprice Liberati Sourcebook
DP9-070-----Life on Atlantis
DP9-066-----Spaceship Compendium

DP9-065-----Colonial Expeditionary Force Sourcebook

Tactical Packs:
DP9-050-----Tac Pack #1 - Battle Of Two Towers
DP9-054-----Tac Pack #2 - Shadow War
DP9-056-----Tac Pack #3 - Operation Sudden Fire

Want List:
DP9-047-----Life On Caprice
DP9-069-----Life on Utopia
DP9-072-----Life on Eden
DP9-068-----Spaceship Compendium #2
DP9-062-----Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon
DP9-067-----Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores
DP9-909s-----Deluxe Silhouette CORE Rulebook

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