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This week, with the return of our erstwhile boss, Okran Radsley, the plot advanced... just not necessarily in the direction Georges the GM intended. But at least we are absolutely no closer to stopping Bhakir than we were before! Yay!

[Brock prepares for a more eventful session than the last two.]
Brock: "At a certain point, your mouthpiece will arrive and you'll be more involved. Will that be today?"
Georges the GM: "Hopefully."

[We pick up where we left off last session, with Lyta and Fennec napping.]
Ariel: "Didn't I take the first nap?"
Brock: "No. You requested to and were denied."

[Lukas is surveilling the water treatment plant where we know Bhakir and his people are.]
Georges the GM: "Nine people emerge."
Zac: "That's more than us."
Georges the GM: "Including Bhakir."
Zac: "He counts for two."

[Everyone but Bhakir leaves in their respective vehicles... mostly.]
Brock: "The van stays, eh? The one vehicle we have a tracker on. Figures."

[We try to figure out what to do next.]
Brock: "I know what Kain would do. What would Lukas do?"
Ariel: "What would Kain do?"
Brock: "A little enhanced interrogation."

[Fennec prepares to replace Lukas. Sadly, we're still running a little low on vehicles.]
Zac: "Can I even have a bicycle?"
Brock: "Did you build one?"
Zac: "No."
Brock: "Then no."

[Fennec replaces Lukas at the water treatment plant.]
Fennec: "Do you have any specific requests?"
Lukas: "Observe. Don't get caught."

[Before going to take his own nap, Lukas finds Benelice.]
Benelice: "Did you find what you were looking for?"
Lukas: "Yes. I forgot the euphemism we were using, but yes."

[Lukas gets right down to business with Benelice.]
Lukas: "When last I left, you were nonplussed with the first half of your payment. Are you now plussed?"

[Benelice wants to know what everyone wants to know.]
Lukas: "I can't tell you who we're working for."
Benelice: "Then that puts me in a difficult position. Or, I should say, a simple position, but one I'd rather not be in."

[Lukas tells Benelice what we've discovered so far.]
Benelice: "Someone melodramatic would say all this is fascinating, but honestly I'm not sure of the point."
Lukas: "Neither am I."

[Benelice has been doing her own research as we've been doing legwork.]
Benelice: "Since I found out about this 'wine' early this morning, I have been making preparations to leave."
Lukas: "That seems prudent."

[More of the same.]
Benelice: "I intend to not be here when things get interesting."

[Benelice has discovered about the last time the explosive was nearly deployed, at Dr. Chambers' fundraiser gala. She knows we were there at that event as well.]
Lukas: "The connection between this product and the previous occasion is... nebulous."

[Benelice assumes we are still working for Dr. Chambers, as is Riley Markus.]
Benelice: "Why does your employer not allow his agents to know what the others are doing?"
Lukas: "He's inscrutable."
Benelice: "That is as good a reason as any."

[Benelice has a conundrum: Riley Markus has been tasked with keeping an eye on us, but she'd really rather he go with her out of the city and the imminent explosions.]
Lukas: "We could dart Riley and you could take him out unconscious."
Benelice: *pinches nose* "...I agree."

[Lukas plans to lure Riley into his hotel room and dart him there.]
Torgath: "I'll hide in my pillow fort."
Lukas: "No, I'll hide in the pillow fort. You can hide somewhere he doesn't expect you to be."

[We prepare to lay the trap for Riley Markus.]
Benelice: "Is there going to be some sort of quid pro quo?"
Lukas: "Not unless you have a couple Mordred-class GRELs back there."
Benelice: "I am not so equipped."

[Benelice gives us a few last-minute warnings about Bhakir, including that he'll do pretty much anything for money.]
Torgath: "If he was paid enough, would he kill his mom?"
Benelice: "I believe he would."
Torgath: "Spooky."
Ariel: "Wait, Torgath wouldn't say 'spooky.' He completely understands the impulse to kill his mom."

[Darting Riley goes off pretty much without a hitch.]
Lukas: "Wanna draw a penis on his face? Shave an eyebrow?"
Zac: "But then he'll know it was us."
Georges the GM: "He did get taken out in your room."
Zac: "Circumstantial evidence."

[Somewhat later...]
Georges the GM: "There's a knock on your door."
Brock: "Is there a peephole in the door?"
Georges the GM: "No, this is the Humanist Alliance. Why would you need one?"

[The person at the door turns out to be Okran Radsley, our employer.]
Okran Radsley: "So, status report?"
Lukas: "Show me the money."

[After having been paid...]
Lukas: "So."
Okran Radsley: "So."
Lukas: "The situation is not good."

[Lukas has to admit that we still don't know where the explosives are.]
Lukas: "Look, I don't have a vast surveillance network in place."
Okran Radsley: "What local assets do you have?"
Lukas: "None. Only what I brought with me."
Okran Radsley: "I'll be sure not to add 'networking' to your skill set."

[Okran Radsley wants to talk about more than just the current mission.]
Okran Radsley: "Perhaps it's time to talk about your career options."

[Radsley discusses the context of our current mission, i.e. getting a foot in with the Comptroller.]
Okran Radsley: "I'm looking for an introduction, and this isn't the sort of guy who hands out business cards."

[Radsley offers Lukas a position as a long-term business partner. Lukas is hesitant.]
Lukas: "One of my team members doesn't like the restrictions on shooting people."
Okran Radsley: "That is one of the nicer aspects of the Humanist Alliance I would prefer not to change."
Lukas: "The other guys have no such qualms."
Okran Radsley: "Then we're the better people."

[We try to figure out what to do next.]
Brock: "I don't think in good conscience we can leave down, but we can't exactly stick around either."

[Radsley has his own plan.]
Okran Radsley: "Any of you Badlanders know how to... swim?"

[Lukas returns to Benelice to see if she can arrange for an introduction to the Comptroller. Sadly, he's doing it in his usual circumspect way.]
Benelice: "I don't know if you're speaking about the people at the D.A. to whom I pay my parking tickets, or something more nefarious."
Lukas: "More nefarious."

[Benelice has had minimal contact with the Comptroller, but only minimal contact.]
Lukas: "With a contact that minimal, you probably can't provide a referral, but you probably know a referrer."

[Benelice leaves. We prepare for the next stage of the plan. We're not quite sure what it is, but Lukas picks up some extra dirt bikes, just in case.]
Zac: "That seems to be our pattern: we don't get much done, but we have a lot of vehicles."

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec are surveilling our two locations of interest.]
Georges the GM: "Roll notice."
Julie and Zac: *roll 7*
Zac: "We notice the hell out of something."

[Lyta has noticed one obvious thing and one less-obvious thing.]
Lyta: "If I had to guess, I'd say Bhakir just set fire to the storage facility and went for a swim."

[Lukas fill Fennec in on the situation.]
Lukas: "Looks like Bhakir just set fire to the self-storage."
Fennec: "Crap! I still had stuff in there!"

[Lukas also fills in Radsley.]
Lukas: "There's been a development."
Okran Radsley: "Is it gonna further our agenda?"
Lukas: "Nope."
Okran Radsley: "Then it's not so much a development as a devolvement."

[A brief plot twist that wasn't.]
Lukas: "Wait, the wetsuit was in the storage facility."
Okran Radsley: (sarcastic) "Right, and it would make no sense for him to have two wetsuits."

[Lukas and Radsley try to figure out Bhakir's motivations.]
Okran Radsley: "Sounds like he's covering his tracks."
Lukas: "Then it's the worst track covering in the history of track covering. He set fire to his hiding space."

[While we're fairly certain the bombing target will be the Olympic volunteer party, the pipes from the water treatment plant could reach any number of places.]
Brock: "What else is on this side of the river that might be a target?"
Julie: "He will now list you some things, even though the target is the Olympics facility."

[We get decked up to assault the water treatment plant and capture Bhakir. This includes putting on our custom flak suits. Fennec is wearing the one that was meant for Ti.]
Fennec: "This all fits you. Who's this one for?"
Lyta: "Someone who's not here."

[More of the same.]
Fennec: "So, what happened to the last person who wore this suit?"
Lukas: "Nothing. No one has worn this suit but you."

[Lukas gives Fennec a heavy-duty sfika carbine.]
Lukas: "You ever actually shot a human being with a gun?"
Fennec: "I can handle it."
Lukas: "That's not the same as a yes."
Fennec: "...Yes."

[Fennec wants to make a sweeper that could figure out if there are any incoming signals. To, say, a detonator.]
Georges the GM: "Roll tinker."
Zac: *botches*
Fennec: "I can't work with this junk!"

[We approach the water treatment plant.]
Georges the GM: "You guys are all very good at sneaky infiltration shit."
Julie: "It might be what we do."

[It turns out the entire facility has been wiped down and an aerosol ammonia solution deployed.]
Zac: "He was never here."
Ariel: "So he's not planning on coming back?"
Zac: "Not at this point."

[Radsley sums up the situation.]
Okran Radsley: "So you found... nothing."
Lukas: "Worse than nothing."

[With nothing to go on at the water treatment plant, we decide to see what can be seen back at the self-storage.]
Brock: "Back to the storage facility, Georges' favorite place!"
Zac: "'Charred hole in the ground.' That's all you have to say."

[Fennec asks some questions of a shocked clerk.]
Clerk: "It must have been those damned Free Will Terrorists and their... hatred of storage facilities."

[The session comes to an end.]
Georges the GM: "I now have to completely rewrite the next adventure."
Zac: "So what we should take out of this is we should..."
Brock: "Act more hastily?"
Georges the GM: "No, no..."

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