Friday, January 17, 2014


Y'know, for a session in which we got a lot done, we didn't actually get that much done. But we did find Bhakir. And some wetsuits. That's gotta count for something, right?

[We pick up where we left off last session.]
Zac: "I'm probably out of the loop."
Julie: "As is so often the case."

[Lyta and Lukas have followed the catering van to a water reclamation plant north of the city. Lukas must fill in the other team members of the development.]
Lukas: (on the phone to Torgath) "...It could be that we're staking out the wrong place."

[Meanwhile, at the water reclamation plant...]
Ariel: "So, you wanna go into the non-hand-drawn map? Altogether? For the heck of it?"
Georges the GM: "You don't need to be so crass in your meta."

[Lukas fills in Fennec on what's going on.]
Lukas: "We followed the van to another location."
Fennec: "There was a van?!"
Lukas: "Yeah. It was in the parking lot."

[Now we have two potential locations to stake out.]
Lukas/Brock: "You know what we need? Some NPCs."
Lyta: "Who'd you have in mind?"

[We contemplate potential NPCs.]
Julie: "Gabriel? He's not in Gropius."
Ariel: "He could be."
Brock: "He's not in Oxford."

[We stake out the water reclamation plant.]
Julie: "What are we doing about this map?"
Brock: "For the moment, observing it."
Julie: "And then what?"
Zac: "Whoa, whoa! I can't handle all this progress!"

[Lyta observes two men walk into the water reclamation plant. One is carrying some garment bags.]
Brock: "They have garment bags? See! I was right!"
Julie: "About what?"
Zac: "Shh! Don't question it. We're surveilling the wrong place. He needs to get back to being right about something."

[We decide to get a closer look at the water reclamation plant using our drone.]
Brock: "What sort of surveillance suite does the drone have?"
Georges the GM: "...Class three?"

[The drone does a tour around the building but doesn't find much.]
Georges the GM: "There are air ducts."
Julie: "But not person-sized?"
Ariel: "I think we've categorically established that no air ducts in this world are person-sized."
Georges the GM: "They're drone-sized."

[To find out more, we'll have to go in ourselves.]
Lukas: "Jump the fence."
Lyta: "It's topped with barbed wire."
Lukas: "And?"
Lyta: "...Yeah, I could probably do it."
Lukas: "Not only could you, you will."

[Lyta gets closer to the water reclamation plant, including a wing that's under construction, where there are no cameras.]
Georges the GM: "Ah, convenient that there's an area under construction that provides a blind spot. Almost like it was scripted!"

[Lyta accidentally disables one of the cameras as she's scoping out the building. So, as she's leaving...]
Lukas: "Go back up and fix the camera."
Zac: "It's conveniently exposed now that you've smashed it with your hammer."

[Lyta managed to place a microphone at one of the windows, from which we learn that Bhakir is inside, using one of the storage lockers, and still has something in it.]
Lukas: (on the phone) "The stuff is still definitely in a locker. Find out where." *click*
Zac: "How would I go about that?"
Brock: "I recommend prostitution."

[Fennec tries to figure out what to do.]
Zac: "I have nothing to go on."
Julie: "We have stage two of the plan that we never implemented."
Brock: "Execute stage two."
Ariel: "I execute stage two."
Georges the GM: "Roll execution."
Ariel: *rolls* "Success!"

[Sadly, it's not quite that easy.]
Georges the GM: "The problem with hacking the outdoor line is that it's akin to..."
Zac: "Stealing cable?"

[Lukas calls back Fennec.]
Lukas: "Are you done?"
Fennec: "...No."
Lukas: "Do you have a plan?"
Fennec: "...Yes."
Lukas: "What is it?"
Fennec: "Plan B. Do you remember it?"
Lukas: "Yes."
Fennec: "Do I have your blessing?"
Lukas: "No."

[We consider hacking the trunk line to the self-storage office and then breaking in to access their data.]
Zac/Fennec: "That sounds like a good idea. [beat] Does that sound like a good idea?"

[The other problem with hacking the trunk line is that it's probably monitored by the POP.]
Zac: "Does a blackout cause an alarm at a security office?"
Georges the GM: "Yes. That is the exact nature of a security office, to be alarmed by blackouts."

[We consider how to hack the trunk line without alerting security.]
Brock: "Can you plug in our supercomputer into the feed and shunt only the alarm signal?"
Zac: "Wait. We have a supercomputer?"
Julie: "It's from the crate."

[We consider our options.]
Georges the GM: "There's the smart way to do this and the blunt way."

[We decide to go with the smart way, i.e. hacking the trunk line.]
Georges the GM: "So the mainframe, which someone goes back to get..."
Brock: "What do you mean? I brought it with me!"
Georges the GM: (dryly) "Yes, because a mainframe is totally breaking-and-entering equipment."

[Lyta and Fennec hack the trunk line and enter the main office. Torgath is still surveilling from across the street.]
Georges the GM: "From your overwatch, you're finding this is going terribly slowly."

[We get a list of the sixteen lockers accessed in the time we're interested in. They are in both wings of the self-storage depot.]
Zac: "Oh, yeah. We have two lockers."
Brock: "For exactly this reason!"

[As Lyta and Fennec start investigating lockers, Torgath notices two incoming POP.]
Ariel: "I can't kill the POP, right?"
Brock: *boggles*

[More of the same.]
Ariel: "Why wouldn't I have a sniper rifle?"
Brock: "Because I'm not an idiot."

[As the POP enter the building, Torgath moves in to remove our supercomputer and any signs that we hacked the trunk line.]
Ariel: "Is this gonna be easy or hard?"
Georges the GM: "Well, you didn't install it..."
Zac: "You're pretty sure the chewing gum isn't standard."

[The POP are eventually dispatched by the power of Lyta and Fennec telling more-or-less the truth, kinda. On the flip side, the cameras are now all transmitting, and probably the POP are more closely watching the situation.]
Georges the GM: (as Fennec) "We've taken the ham out of the sandwich. The lettuce will wilt. What do we do with the cheese?"
Zac: "The lunch metaphor has gotta end."

[Georges the GM gives in to a little frustration.]
Georges the GM: "We are quickly approaching six hours at the same two-sentence logjam in my notes."
Brock: "Raise your hand if you caused the POP to show up."

[Lyta and Fennec continue searching lockers... carefully.]
Georges the GM: "You hit paydirt. Eventually."

[Inside the locker, we find a crate.]
Georges the GM: "You open it up..."
Ariel: "It's people!"

[It is not people. It is, in fact, wetsuits covered in sewage.]
Julie: "So, do we leave?"
Brock: "Yes, you can give up now."

[It's now morning, and we've been up all night.]
Zac: "Are we gonna nap in shifts?"
Brock: "Wow, you guys are big quitters!"
Zac: "I was hoping you would nap, so you would be in a better mood."

[We determine the order of the naps.]
Ariel: "Should I nap first?"
Brock: "No. You are still the weakest link. I'm marshalling what strengths I have."

[So, as the session draws to a close...]
Georges the GM: "You guys have found the wetsuits. So you've advanced five words."

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