Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She has me in stitches

27th Spring TN1920 30:15

"You know doc, I must say I approve of your anesthetic, but you sure you're putting those sutures in strait?"

When Gade came to he found himself in the Hangout's med bay. Doc Chambers managed to close the nicked artery he received during the duel, all that was left were the saber marks left all over the rest of Gade's body.

"Not that I don't trust ye or anything."

The Doc handed Gade another glass "Considering my patient I wouldn't be too concerned, besides I was gonna give you the bottle as a wedding gift, but seeing as how Natty can't drink anymore, may as well enjoy it now. 1904 was a good year."

"That it was doc, that it... wait what do you mean Natty can't drin..."

"Say doc, you almost done fixing up my husband? I wanna know when I can give'm a good beating myself," Natty walked into the room still a little frazzled. She walked over to Gade's bed and took a seat. She was still in her wedding dress

"I'm about done, just uh... take it easy on him for a few days. I'll get Thom to change the dressings tomorrow morning," the Doc replied quietly.

"So tell me snukie, how many more old friends to you think are gonna show up trying to kill you?"

"Fairly certain there's no one else hun'," Gade replied, "in a hurry to have me for yourself are you?"

"Well not just me; the little one may get a little bored of it all."

"The little one?" Gade looked up at his lovely bride, confused. "What do you mean 'little one?'"

With a little tear in her eye, Natty took his hand and held it to her belly, "I was gonna tell you at the reception, but then I got a little distracted," Suddenly showing a glimpse of a smirk she went on, "You know, what with the sword fight over honor and all..."

"Hehe well you did marry to me, did you expect anything less?"

"NO," Natty was emphatic, "but just... take it a little easy, it's bad enough I won't be around forever, I don't wanna leave an orphan behind."

"Oh hun, I'm not going anywhere... Besides you're not going anywhere for a long time either. Now c'mere, we got a marriage to celebrate... just take it a little easy on me. I'm a wounded man"


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