Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marching Orders

Kain had an actual swagger stick tucked under his arm. Prophet only knew where he'd found it.

"We have been through a lot together this past season, and you have all performed well. We have faced down superior forces, improvised, and brought lamentations to the women of our enemies.

However, we are now faced with a mission well outside of our usual mode of operation.

Some of you have been in this sort of action with me before, the last time we were in Khayr-Ad-Din. This time will be different. For one, all of you WILL be involved, in one role or another. Second, this is a moment of vital importance to two of our own.

You will feel under prepared. You will feel exposed. You will be afraid.

All of this is irrelevant."

Kain stalked among his troops, head up, looking them each in the eye as he passed.

"You will do your best. I will accept no excuses, no justifications. I will not accept failure."

He stood now in front of the assembled group. They were road-weary and slightly rag-tag; the very archetype of the Badlands caravan.

"This wedding will go perfectly.

You will be formally attired.

You will be organized.

You will be on time.

You will dance, you will socialize, you will enjoy yourselves.

You will create a sparkling memory for Gade and Natalia.

Avatanya is on point for this. She will give you your specific assignments. Those in need of financing can talk to Ellen.



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