Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scavenger and Saint

Sandra stood motionless. She could smell the kill lying in front of her, bleeding out. Sam Tarmalin didn't draw. Well, he didn't draw a gun. It left her a little queazy. She lowered her revolver slowly, drawing aim.

"No!" a voice called out. Sandra looked up. It was that kid, Ellen, from the caravan. Running right towards her from the train platform. Sandra blinked. Usually she tuned out Sam's nonsense, but he didn't draw. She didn't get it. She stood there, too confused to act.

"Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam..." Ellen was babbling as she knelt down beside the gunslinger. Sam was whispering something to her. There was blood everywhere. She started first aid, and injected him with a sedative.


Sandra drew the hammer back on her weapon, "get away from him, Ellen."

Ellen Cranby ignored her.

"Ellen, step back or I'll spray your brains all over Sam's body."

Ellen pulled a coagulant injector out of the little first aid kit she carried on her belt, under her cloak.

Keening with rage, Sandra kicked Ellen in the shoulder. Ellen fell over sideways into the dust.

Sandra knelt over Sam's body.

"Vulture!" Ellen snarled at the revolver aimed at her. She watched as Sandra pulled Sam's guns out of their holsters and jammed them under her belt.

"That's how it goes! He'd have taken mine! That's how it goes!" Sandra stood and turned towards the buggy. She holstered her pistol. Without looking back at Ellen, she called out, stepping into the buggy, "he didn't draw, Ellen. The moron didn't draw." The buggy sped off.

Ellen wasn't paying attention. She knelt over Sam's body and tried her best
to stop the bleeding.


Hermes 72 - Heavy Gear RPG - Most artwork Copyright 2002 Dream Pod 9, Inc.