Saturday, June 13, 2009

From the Diary of Natalia Meredine, 12th of Spring TN1920

I can't believe it!, I mean I never expected this from him. There we were doing some repairs on Gun and he asks me to change the oil. I unscrew the release and *tink out it comes. At first I thought it was a washer or something, but then I cleaned it off and even with the grease it sparkled. I'M ENGAGED!

"Natty" he says, "With you I'm the luckiest man in the world, let's show the rest of the world just how lucky I am. Marry me in Khayr-Ad Din. The city where we met, the city we were re-united in, the city that knows us for what we are... Happy"

At least I know why Tessa's been acting so weird, according to Gade if not for her, he'd have had no chance at surprising me. That little grease monkey, she's got more subterfuge in her then I thought.

I sometimes worry about whats gonna happen to him when I'm gone. But every time I even try to bring it up he just closes the subject reassuring me that he'd rather be happy for a short while, then unhappy for all time. But I'll make him happy, he deserves it... I think deserve it too.


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