Friday, April 24, 2009

23 April 2009 - I hear that train a'coming, a'rollin' round the bend.....

"And then he says...he says...." Kain Delacroix was laughing so hard that tears, actual, honest-to-Prophet tears were sparkling on his cheeks. Catching his breath, he continued, "'I don't know where the brake is!'" Peals of laughter exploded from the other participants in the skirmish on board the train. The rest of the crew exchanged looks, some knowing, some confused.

Sam, Kain, and Connor had returned late in the evening, slightly the worse for wear. Connor certainly had received a concussion. Kain was a little battered, apparently as a result in a sudden lurch of the train (eyes rolled at that excuse), and Sam was covered in smoke, apparently a product of a flashbang.

The caravan had only recently rolled into Tulsa, a mining town firmly centered in the middle of nowhwere. They had been received enthusiastically by the miners and the madame of the local hotel. Trade had been brisk on the eve of Collins' Day, and morale, after a grueling trip of hot-bunking, was high.

In the midst of the festivities, the three men had spotted some suspicious activity amongst the gravity-cars in the train yard, and discovered a small gang in the middle of a diamond heist.

of course, the diamonds were uncut and of comparatively low value, and the gang of thieves was a pack of less-than brilliant former miners. After a few exchanged gunshots, and some on-the-top-of-the-train acrobatics, Sam, Kain, and Connor had managed to board the locomotive and apprehend the thieves, avoiding by mere moments a disastrous derailment.

The dim-witted miners were now in custody, and Kain and Connor, with the occasional observation by Sam, were sketching out the action for the crew.

"I saw Kain...slip...and so I, uh, I jumped down after him. But I misjudged and landed square on the coupling," Connor explained. "The footing was treacherous!"

Kelly winked at Karin as she said, "It's lucky Kain was there to save you saving him, eh?"

"Damn lucky," Kain agreed. Lucky too, he thought, that none present had been there to see him completely miss his jump. There'd have been no living that down....


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