Sunday, December 3, 2017


The penultimate session! As the Lassander siblings team up to capture an important VIP to the Comptroller’s operation, things are going well. A little too well. There’s gotta be a catch somewhere…

[Lukas and Kain are on the hunt for a VIP to the Comptroller’s operation. They have brought Gideon, Brock’s erstwhile breaking-and-entering NPC, with them, this time played by Zac. Hopefully he won’t botch as much as Brock did.]
Georges the GM: “Lukas may also know that Gideon’s infiltration ability…”
Brock: “In theory!”

[Lukas et al reach the entrance to the VIP’s residence through an underground tunnel and manage to blast the door slightly off its hinges. They throw a grenade through the opening at the security team on the other side.]
Zac: “What’s to stop them from doing to us what we did to them?”
Brock: “The grenade at their feet, I hope.”

[Lukas and Gideon are cut off from the rest of the team as the ceiling collapses, but at least they’ve succeeded on their initial kill-them-all-with-a-grenade plan.]
Georges the GM: “There are six bodies in various states of dismemberment and life.”

[Lukas hears people moving upstairs.]
Julie: “You’ll be fine – and not even in the Todd sense of ‘fine’.”

[Entering the compound shortly after Lukas, through a different tunnel, is Lyta and a team of mercs. One of them has a sawed-off Barnaby rifle.]
Brock: “What it loses in range it makes up for in fireball.”

[Gideon explores the bottom floor of the compound.]
Gideon: “Would it seem weird to you if there were a secret room full of blood samples back there?”
Lukas: “Yeah, that’s weird.”

[We continue on into the compound, having been made aware that there is a lot more security.]
Julie: “You sure you wanna send Gideon into the grenade-throwing guys?”
Brock: “Yeah. He’s agile, sneaky, and entirely expendable.”

[More of the same.]
Gideon: “Why don’t you send one of the guys with the shields up?!”
Mercenary: “As a guy with a shield, I vote for you.”

[Blast doors come down on the stairwell. Gideon is able to raise them again, and he thinks he can close them just as a security guy is charging at him.]
Georges the GM: “Roll you…”
Zac: “My humanity?”

[We continue on, taking out security as we go. Lyta is forced to use her gun, which she almost never uses.]
Lyta: *massively overkills her target*
Zac: “Wow, so much more effective than hitting him with a stick.”
Julie: “Lyta is very disappointed.”

[Gideon finds a button in one of the rooms he’s searching and pushes it. It reveals itself to be the activator for a panic button at the entrance to the room.]
Zac: “I open the door again.”
Georges the GM: “You can’t.”
Zac: “D’oh!”
Brock: “Now you know what it does.”

[Meanwhile, in the other room…]
Brock: “I fire a rocket at the guy.”
Julie: “Where do you get a rocket?!”
Brock: “From my backpack!”

[More exploration.]
Brock: “I’ll put some speculative rounds into the closets.”

[An important question that probably should have been asked sooner.]
Brock: “What is my objective here?”

[We are massively, hugely effective at taking out dozens of security guards with maximum lethality.]
Brock: “We’re the aliens in the horror movie.”

[We finally reach the top floor of the building, and find the VIP.]
Georges the GM: “It’s Donovar Lassander.”
Gideon: “Hey, who’s the old guy?”

[Things start going bad in a hurry.]
Lukas: “Gideon, get up here now!”
Gideon/Zac: “I’d come up but I only have four dice left!”

[The merc with the Barnaby rifle shoots Lyta in the back, nearly killing her.]
Lukas: “What’d he offer you?”
Barnaby: “Why don’t you ask him?”
Lukas: “He’s unconscious.”
Donovar Lassander: (getting up from several sfika rounds) “Actually, I’m not.”

[Lukas converses with the man who, to every appearance, is his dead father.]
Donovar Lassander: “I admit, I’m a little disappointed.”
Lukas: “You’re dead – you can’t be disappointed.”
Donovar Lassander: “Oh, disappointment goes long beyond the grave.”

[Lukas pulls off the mask from the merc with the Barnaby rifle.]
Georges the GM: “You recognize that face.”
Brock: “Is this some kind of nightmare?”

[Indeed, the whole session was in fact an hallucination as Lukas was knocked unconscious very early in the op. There were, admittedly, one or two hints along the way.]
Zac: “The map of the compound looks just like the map of someone’s brain.”
Georges the GM: “I’ve always wanted to do a dream sequence.”

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