Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Back into the Humanist Alliance! A little birthday celebration, a little breaking-and-entering, a little espionage… it’s all in a day’s work for Our Heroes (tm).

[We learn that Torgath and Gabrielle Summers are living together in the Humanist Alliance, very far from the NGIS.]
Zac: “Are there any governmental agencies that Dawn isn’t wanted by? Or any of us?”
Georges the GM: “Probably not.”

[The community where Torgath and Gabrielle – now going by “Summer” – are living is full of retired spies, many of whom come out for Torgath’s birthday party.]
Zac: “So we’re at another open party of spies. Déjà vu!”

[Summer presents Torgath with a birthday present: a human-sized box.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I know you’ve had some unfinished business with Gorash. Let me dispel any notion that he is in the box.”

[Indeed, the person in the box is Brock’s NPC, Gideon, a breaking-and-entering specialist, whom Summer claims has information on Gorash’s secret compound. The question is, how to get that information out of him.]
Fennec: “If I know anything about being sealed away in boxes, he’s probably getting pretty anxious by now.”

[Gideon is a very small man, even smaller than Lyta.]
Zac: “I feel vaguely reassured that for once, this isn’t Lukas in disguise.”
Brock: “Joke’s on you! Extensive plastic surgery again!”

[We open the box, which Gideon immediately leaps out of and tries to escape.]
Ariel: “I don’t want to shoot him.”
Julie: “Don’t shoot him! He’s your birthday present!”

[Regarding Gideon’s immediate escape attempt.]
Gabrielle Summers: “That was… unexpected.”
Fennec: “Was it, though?”

[Once things settle down, we offer Gideon 20k dinar just to listen to our pitch.]
Gabrielle Summers: “We’ve already shown it’s worth 20k.”
Gideon: “20k buys you freedom from my resentment at being kidnapped.”

[We ask Gideon to tell us about Gorash’s secret compound. He sets his initial price ridiculously high, i.e. 5 million dinar. But he is willing to come down… kinda.]
Gideon: “All right – good guy discount. Three million.”

[More back-and-forth haggling.]
Gideon: “You such at negotiating.”
Gabrielle Summer: “We’ll offer another 40k and you won’t be lobotomized.”

[We ultimately settle on 100k and that Gideon comes with us to verify the intel.]
Zac: “I want to stress that I want our hopper to be as theft-proof as possible.”

[It turns out the secret hide-out is actually a full-on compound, currently being occupied by about 60 soldiers. We agree to give Gideon an additional 10k to come with us.]
Brock: “Somewhere Lukas is pleased at your cheapness.”

[There are many buildings on the island. We approach the nearest one.]
Zac: “Georges has drawn a map, so I think we’re on the right track.”

[Gideon and Lyta head up to the roof and find a window that opens onto a barracks.]
George the GM: “You open the window.”
Brock: “Do I hear any alarms?”
Georges the GM: “You don’t hear any alarms.”

[Sadly, there as indeed an alarm. We take preventative measures.]
Zac: “So, was the guy who sfika-ed the Comptroller?”
Georges the GM: “No.”

[Lyta notices that the guards have been alerted that something’s going on, even though they’re not entirely certain what.]
Zac: “Right now I assume they’re gonna sweep the building because they assume someone has breached the perimeter.”
Julie: “Which they have.”

[On the upside, we have found both a trove of useful information as well as a person we assume is one of Gorash’s pet killing machines. On the downside, we seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest among the island’s troops.]
Brock: “Maybe I should call in an airstrike on the whole island.”

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