Thursday, August 24, 2017


The spy-party of the decade continues! And also a time lapse to a season later, where everyone is hot on the trail of… something. Maybe the Comptroller, maybe not. Only time will tell.

[Things are starting slowly.]
Georges the GM: “You guys have made contact.”
Zac: “How many paragraphs is that into your notes?”
Georges the GM: “We haven’t reached my notes yet.”

[Fennec, Torgath, and the NPCs have discovered that a suit of armor in the ballroom is actually a secret door to a concealed passageway.]
Zac: “We could have just come in this way at the beginning!”
Georges the GM: “If you’d known it was there.”

[On one side of the suit-of-armor are Fennec, Torgath, Ti, and Gabrielle. On the other are Lukas and Minnie.]
Georges the GM: “I don’t want to belabour this – either you’re gonna stay in the hallway, which is a bad plan, or you’re gonna exit.”
Brock: “I dunno – there’s a lot of assumptions being made about Lukas’ goodwill.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta is on the arm of Jacyntha Fein, the party’s host, and completely missing her overtures.]
Jacyntha Fein: “Who wants to sulk about in shadows and take orders their whole life?”
Lyta: “…Right. Who would?”

[Lukas agrees to act as a distraction.]
Brock: “I will go to the nearest bar, looking for a bottle of whatever I think is the most flammable.”

[Speaking of distractions…]
Julie: “As the guards close in, I take a dramatic action to step out of my dress, which I specifically designed to be step-out-of-able.”

[Combat is joined.]
Julie: “Are the guards armed?”
Brock: “You know who’s never sorry? The person who assumed the other guy had a gun.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “Lyta has run amuck.”
Julie: “I got permission.”

[And yet more.]
Georges the GM: “There are nine on Lyta and one on each of the rest of you.”
Julie: “I trust that the rest of you can handle one each.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas puts his distraction into effect.]
Brock: “I light the curtains on fire. Discreetly.”

[Also meanwhile, with the rest of Our Heroes…]
Ariel: “This is either the most awesome plan or the worst plan. What can I do with this snake…?”

[So now we’ve got a panicking crowd and everything is on fire.]
Georges the GM: “Did you guys plan for a disaster escape?”
Zac: “C’mon, it’s us.”

[More of the same. This is funny because the ‘pompous buffoon’ was Lukas.]
Zac: “Oh! I know! Some pompous buffoon arrived in a blimp! Let’s steal it!”

[It turns out that all night, Fein was trying to recruit Lyta into her organization, but failed mostly due to Lyta’s cluelessness. She then had her people pull out guns and try to shoot Lyta, and again failed.]
Zac: “She just upped the ante. I think we should drop a large bomb on her house.”

[Time shift to a season in the future! Fennec and Karima, one of our B-team characters, have been in deep cover, investigating a mining operation owned by the Benchfield Family. Lukas, meanwhile, has independently infiltrated a caravan that is delivering an arms shipment to the same mine.]
Zac: “If only I knew about a shipment of guns coming in tonight!”

[As it looks like the miners are about to strike, Fennec is brought before Archibald Benchfield, the younger of the two owners.]
Fennec: “Your father was more businesslike.”
Archibald Benfield: (pointedly) “My father’s sight is going.”

[Fennec finds out why she was brought in front of the boss.]
Archibald Benfield: “I’m afraid it’s bad news – you’re being promoted.”

[When no answer is actually an answer.]
Archibald Benfield: “Esme, can I presume you’ve heard rumours of an impending strike?”
Fennec: *long pause*

[We review the situation, such as it is.]
Ariel: “I want to make sure we’re not giving the ore to the sneaky submersible base of doom.”
Brock: “You are.”

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