Sunday, June 11, 2017

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: SNS Report - 20-SP-29

Good evening, welcome to the SNS daily report.

In world events, reports are beginning to filter in that a major battle, the likes of which have not been seen since the end of the War of the Alliance, has occurred in the Western Desert. SNS sources reveal that the engagement was between the Desert Wolves, a regional rover gang that has mostly lain dormant these last cycles, and a new force comprised of disbanded Zelanis Global Services members.

ZGS was until recently a highly respected private security firm with a small but military-like capability. Last season they were held responsible for an open bloodbath in Prince Gable at the site of the new metro terminal in the eastern part of the city. After that incident, ZGS was denied standing in Prince Gable, Port Arthur, and Lance Point as well as other Western Basin cities and labeled rogue elements while charges were being levelled.

Questioned on the incident, P.G.P.D. Detective Priti Kahn had this to say:

“These are thugs parading as trained security personnel. They represent the worst remnants of the post-War dregs and if any of them have survived their ill-advised conflict with the heroes of the Prince Gable liberation, the Desert Wolves, then they will prosecuted for their crimes.”

SNS has confirmed with the Badlands Caravan Guild that the ZGS forces attacked one of their western-bound caravans. A representative, Ms. Ellen Cranby, stated that she was grateful to the Desert Wolves for their assistance in putting down the raid and that without their timely rescue, valuable goods and innocent lives would have been lost.

The Mayor of Temple Heights has called again for increased local cooperation on security to prevent such wanton attacks. There are still no confirmed reports regarding the President of ZGS, Mark Kim. He is missing and presumed dead.

In financial news, WestRim, a UMF arms R&D company with close ties to NorthCo is under investigation by the Northern Compliance Office. The Lyonnesse rumour mill is abuzz with allegations ranging from insider trading and corporate espionage to sharing state secrets with the South, but so far the NCO has refused to comment on the nature of the investigation.

This crisis comes on the heels of the departure of their recent CEO, Mrs. Schroeder, who was reported missing in connection with the mysterious civilian flight Tango Bravo niner Echo, which touched down in Swanscombe earlier this week amid a nest of Northern Guard. There is still no official statement from the UMF or the CNCS regarding the nature of the flight, but eyewitnesses say dozens of military-issue body bags were taken from the craft.

WestRim stock has plunged in trades, losing 35% in three days. Particularly hard hit by this devaluation is DN Bank, which may have heavily underwritten WestRim. This happens just as Peace River has issued a fine against the bank for failure to comply with a sizeable seizure claim. Peace River has said they are willing to demand sanctions by the NCO if DN Bank does not settle the outstanding request in a timely manner.

Turning to entertainment news. The Max Preebus production company is on an unusual talent hunt. Earlier this week they released raw footage of this young woman performing combat stunts in a screen test. This lucky stuntwoman is being offered a 100,000 dinar signing bonus if she presents herself to the Preebus studios.

Sources have indicated that hundreds of aspiring fighters have queued up claiming to be the trideo-star-to-be but the ongoing call for her to come forward would seem to indicate the real McCoy has yet to make her mark. The trideo-going public is anxious to see what spectacle the Max Preebus production company makes of their starlet. Assuming they find her.

In weather...I apologize, we are interrupting our regular report with late breaking news. It would appear that there has been an incident at the Northern guard HQ in Lyonnesse. Witnesses have reported a large explosion, no, a series of explosions and gunfire. There has been no official comment yet from UMF or CNCS officials.

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