Saturday, September 3, 2016


Into the mines! Where the tunnels are narrow, the water is threatening, and the Hermes-destroying rockets are about to launch any time now…

[Our Heroes (tm) prepare to navigate the minefield that lies between us and our destination.]
Lukas: “Remember, in this specific circumstance, we’re looking for minimum boom. Just this once.”

[Fennec takes point on leading us through the minefield.]
Zac: *rolls many notice dice*
Georges the GM: “Keep going.”
Zac: “Does this end when I blow up?”

[The bad news is, we’re deep in the minefield with no easy way out. The good news is, at least we don’t need to worry about the roving patrols anymore.]
Georges the GM: “The patrols just don’t look in your direction.”
Brock: “Why would they? That’s what the minefield is for.”

[Once past the minefield, we encounter a cluster of stripped-down buildings and a 60-m wide tarp made of some sort of adaptive camouflage.]
Fennec: *eyes the tarp longingly*
Brock: “Unless you’re hoping to put some of this into your pocket and bring it home with you…”
Zac: “Welllll….”

[We enter the mine.]
Zac: “Can we proceed with caution?”
Georges the GM: “I assume you always proceed with caution.”
Brock: “Let’s proceed with reckless abandon!”

[We descend deeper into the mine.]
Georges the GM: “The walls get very wet and water is coming thorugh.”
Julie: “So that’s where the lake was.”
Brock: “Is. And hopefully will remain.”

[We have two choices of descending shafts: one small and narrow but with a comparative shallow incline, one that seems to be a slurry slide.]
Georges the GM: “What way do you want to go down?”
Brock: “The walking way, not the falling-to-our-doom way.”

[We get closer to what we think is our destination.]
Julie: “Where are our backup teams?”
Brock: “Too far away to help.”

[We come across a blast door with a camera covering the entrance.]
Georges the GM: “You get into the blind spot of the camera…”
Brock: “Where you find the second camera covering the first camera’s blind spot!”
Georges the GM: “I’ll have to remember that.”

[We’re pretty sure that behind the blast door is the network where the rocket will be launching from.]
Zac: “I think we’ve discovered why there’s a blast door – to protect it from the blast!”

[As we’re trying to figure out our next move, a trolley cart approaches from the opposite direction.]
Zac: “Two dainty, sneaky, mechanically-inclined infiltrators could make use of this opportunity.”

[Fennec and Lyta jump onto the back of the trolley. It takes some doing, but they manage it quite smoothly. In other words…]
Georges the GM: “You guys make it look as easy as in the movies.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “You manage to jump on without pulling a pin out of your grenades.”

[Lyta and Fennec, on the back of the trolley, make it through the blast door.]
Zac: “Well, we’re in. Somewhere.”

[Fennec and Lyta don’t know where they are. They just know things are about to turn interesting.]
Man’s Voice: “Okay, let’s offload these crates.”
Julie: “Yup, should have gotten off before we got to this point.”

[Fennec takes out the driver and the guard with her sfika carbine. The two infiltrators check out the door they just came through and ascertain that while they could open it, it would probably alert whoever is manning the security station.]
Julie: “Are we okay with them knowing we’ve opened the door?”
Zac: “…No.”

[We continue investigating the circumstance in which we’ve found ourselves.]
Julie: “What was under the tarp? Other than us?”

[It turns out the trolley was bringing in a load of supplies, mostly foodstuffs. Fennec and Lyta decide to don the uniforms of the people they’ve knocked out and bring them in themselves.]
Julie: “We move forward as though we’re meant to be here.”

[A few other guards are imminently about to cross our path.]
Zac: “Do these uniforms have full-face stormtrooper helmets?”

[Two of the guards move on, while one comes to check out what we’re bringing in.]
Zac: “I remove the box full of our weapons so that he can rummage through the box underneath it, which is clearly the box he wants.”

[The guard takes an apple and moves to rejoin his companions.]
Julie: “We exchange relieved looks at each other.”
Georges the GM: “And you still have no plans.”

[Lyta and Fennec approach the ‘administrative centre’ of the compound, which consists of a warren of small hallways.]
Georges the GM: “Which way do you go?”
Zac: “We could split up if you want.”
Julie: “NO, I think that’s a horrible idea.”

[Fennec and Lyta keep investigating.]
Zac: “Right now we know nothing, and our goal is to know something.”

[Meanwhile, with Lukas and Torgath…]
Zac: “Are you guys just barricaded in the hallway?”
Brock: “If Georges’ baggage cart had been slightly larger…”

[Lukas and Torgath find another point of ingress. Through some very small tunnels.]
Brock: “Note to self: next time, push gun ahead of self down tunnel.”

[Lukas and Torgath have made their way into the compound through a back way. Note that Lyta and Fennec have had a chance to look at a map, while Lukas and Torgath have not.]
Lukas: “We’re in the fuel facility.”
Lyta: “Which fuel facility?”
Lukas: “The one with the fuel in it.”

[The team reconvenes.]
Lukas: “So, tell me what we know.”
Lyta: “We know where Vovelle is not.”

[Lukas gives us our marching orders.]
Lukas: “Okay, let’s go in and kill everyone we find.”

[We could go the direct way or the indirect way. Or the ridiculous way.]
Brock: “Tell people there’s a surprise party for Bob in the coolant room. One by one. Tell them there’s cake.”

[We prepare our next move.]
Brock: “So, go. Scout. Recon.”
Zac: “In other words, do what we were doing before Bossypants came in.”

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