Friday, September 11, 2015


Into the trenches! Quite literally, in fact. This week we followed the webbled dog into the Westridge Trench, headed north to Mainz. The only question is, will we be able to follow it once it crosses the border?

[Torgath sends a coded message to Billy Croyden to inform him that Zoltan has been killed.]
Torgath: “The mustache-twirler has been run over by his own train.”

[Torgath visits Oscar, who also happens to be in town.]
Ariel: “I wouldn’t kill Oscar!”
Brock: “Word on the grapevine is that you killed Riley’s girlfriend. And her dad.”
Georges the GM: “Who is this grapevine? They have to die!”

[Torgath meets with Oscar. First up: small talk and light flirting.]
Oscar: “What are you doing with your hair these days?”
Brock: (as Torgath) “Brushing it?”

[How to say what you want to say without saying it, part 1.]
Oscar: “So, what brings you to Prince Gable?”
Torgath: “Oh… you know.”

[More of the same.]
Oscar: “So are you here on business, or can we discuss other matters?”
Torgath: “I don’t see why we can’t do both.”
Oscar: “Excellent!”
Torgath: *long silence*

[Oscar attempts to make small talk. Torgath misinterprets.]
Oscar: “My mother is visiting.”
Torgath: “Oh. Do you want me to take care of her?”
Oscar: *shocked silence*

[Oscar doesn’t really like his mother.]
Oscar: “Besides, killing my mother is something I would do if I thought it would make a difference.”

[More on the same topic.]
Torgath: “Is your mother really scary?”
Oscar: “Yes. She will rip your heart out and stomp on it.”

[Talk moves to other matters.]
Torgath: “Anything I could help with?”
Oscar: “Do you know the Kolsons?”
Torgath: “Yes.”
Oscar: “Could you take them out?”
Torgath: “…”

[Oscar explains why he needs help with the Kolsons.]
Oscar: “Some Kolsons… tripped and fell on bullets.”

[Torgath reveals that he and Dawn broke up.]
Oscar: “You were so lovely! I had many thoughts of the two of you together!”
Torgath: “Were they good thoughts?”
Oscar: “They were entertaining thoughts.”

[Torgath has agreed that he’ll arrange for someone to take Oscar’s mother out to dinner so that he and Oscar can have a night on the town.]
Torgath: “Ellen may know someone who’s sociable.”
Brock: “I don’t think we can subcontract this one.”

[Zac manages to prevent himself from saying this mean thing in character, but only just.]
Zac: “If you had a mother, you’d know what he was talking about!”

[As we prepare to head to the north, it would be really handy if we had some contacts we were on good terms with.]
Lukas: “Is there any way you can reach out to Dawn and smooth things over?”
Torgath: (immediately) “No.”

[More on the topic of Dawn.]
Lukas: “What are you gonna do if she comes after us?”
Torgath: “Run away?”

[And yet more.]
Lukas: “I don’t hold a grudge.”
Georges the GM: “He says with a straight face.”

[Georges the GM nuances Lukas’ position on grudges.]
Georges the GM: “It seems to me he holds a grudge against the world at large.”
Brock: “That’s true.”

[Lyta and Fennec visit Ennik, who is also in town, ostensibly to bodyguard Oscar.]
Georges the GM: “He’s got a small duffel of clothing and a larger duffel of weapons.”

[Lyta has agreed to take Oscar’s mom out to dinner. She asks Ennik for some tips.]
Ennik: “She’s gonna love you, find out everything about your life, and then tell you everything that’s wrong with it.”
Brock: “So it is my kind of job!”

[More of the same.]
Zac: (pointedly) “Someone who loves you unconditionally but tells you everything that’s wrong with your life? Lyta doesn’t know anyone like that.”

[We also ask Ennik for advice on bringing the Chatterbox Gear into the North.]
Ennik: “At least you’re not bringing it into the Humanist Alliance.”
Lyta: “That would be harder.”
Brock: “Actually easier. We just spent a whole cycle figuring out ways to get things in and out of the Humanist Alliance.”
Zac: “And we didn’t get caught at all.”

[Some small talk with Ennik…]
Ennik: “Khan and I go way back…”
Brock: “…to my place after dinner.”

{Lukas sets up a meeting with Tatsugoro on our way north.]
Julie: “We stole the Borodin Package from under Tatsugoro’s nose.”
Brock: “That was business!”
Julie: “I’ll let you explain that to him.”

[If we can’t take the Chatterbox into the North, a potential substitute could be a Bobcat supplemented by a news van.]
Torgath: “News anchor is another job you’d be better at than your real job.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: “Where are you thinking of getting a news van from?”
Brock: “SNS.”

[The webbled dog starts headed northward, towards the Westridge Trench.]
Zac: “What’s in the trench?”
Julie: “Wind.”
Zac: “Anything else?”
Julie: “Natural beauty.”

[The dog is being driven north.]
Fennec: “What are the chances this is a trap?”
Lyta: “Will it change what we’re about to do?”

[Lukas is following the dog, but manages to make a very poor notice roll.]
Julie: “Let them think that you lost them… which you did.”

[Torgath informs Oscar that we have to leave in a hurry.]
Torgath: “I’m so sorry I can’t come out. We’ll have to do it next time.”
Oscar: “You’ll have to wear something pretty to make it up to me.”

[We start rolling north.]
Zac: “It’s good someone has a plan.”
Brock: “Regrettably, as we were making the plan, we were prevented from enacting it.”

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