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Curse those meddlesome kids! This week, Lukas’ foray into the slave trade is disrupted when his siblings crash the party with a contingent of GRELs and blow everything to hell. And the situation only gets worse from there…

[We take stock of the situation as it stands.]
Brock: “How many could we fit on Azim’s boat?”
Georges the GM: “Sixty comfortably. But because they’re slaves, maybe a hundred.”
Julie: “Uncomfortably.”

[Dr. Leclerc and Roger return from evaluating the slaves.]
Georges the GM: “Doc, you hear something that disturbs you.”
Zac: “Children singing and laughing?”

[It is not laughing children. It is in fact an explosion.]
Zac: “Someone’s blowing up checkpoints to get into a half-full camp of plague-ridden slaves?”
Brock: “Apparently.”

[We discover the limits of Roger’s dislike of the Doc.]
Victor: “Might I have a gun now? I dislike being shot at.”
Roger: “When rockets start falling from the sky, I’ll give you a pistol. That’s the point of desperation we’ve reached.”

[As chaos mounts, we attempt to speak to Al-Humein. Naturally, he is not alone.]
Guard: “Move along.”
Brock: “There’s two of them?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”
Brock: “I take out one of them.”
Zac: “Oh, is that what we’re doing?”

[As Lukas engages in a firefight with the guards…]
Victor: *hides*
Mazir: *hides*
Brock: “I didn’t realize my party was full of pussies.”

[Lukas and Roger take out the two guards at the door to Al-Humein’s office.]
Mazir: “I have a feeling these negotiations will be a little bit strained.”
Lukas: “They were strained when the attack started. Now they’ll be more strained.”

[Al-Humein has retreated to a safe room. Lukas raises him on the intercom.]
Lukas: “Your receptionist was very impolite.”
Al-Humein: “Diligent. I assume he died on duty?”
Lukas: “Yes.”

[Lukas still wants to finalize the deal with Al-Humein.]
Al-Humein: “Tell me, how exactly do you expect to collect your merchandise in these… uncertain times?”

[Al-Humein, while skeptical, is willing to talk. On some conditions.]
Al-Humein: “I would ask your associates to step out of the room so we may speak privately.”
Roger: “I’m not okay with that on many levels.”

[The rest of the party steps out so Al-Humein may speak privately with Lukas.]
Al-Humein: “Mr. Jax, I give you this word of advice: you should leave now. And beware of your colleagues.”
Lukas: “Do you want to elaborate on that?”
Al-Humein: “Not particularly.” *shuts door to safe room*

[The hostiles have breached the building. One throws some grenades down the stairs to where we’re all standing. Dr. Leclerc is very wounded.]
Georges the GM: “Doc, you need to roll—“
Julie: *rolls* “Nope!”
Georges the GM: “You pass out.”

[Fighting continues, and the team is down one member.]
Roger: “Are we taking the doctor?”
Lukas: *long pause* “Yeah.”

[Lukas tasks Mazir with carrying Dr. Leclerc’s unconscious body.]
Mazir: “Why don’t you carry the doctor?”
Lukas: “Because I’m carrying the SAW.”

[We take more fire. Things go badly.]
Zac: *triple-botches his dodge check*
Georges the GM: “Wow. And because you’re carrying the doc, his dodge is your dodge. You’re both dead. Dead, dead, dead. Like, 120 points of overkill dead.”

[Zac spends lots of xp to make Mazir be not-dead.]
Georges the GM: “Mazir is awake. The doc is very dead. At least you don’t have to carry him.”

[In the aftermath of being shot…]
Zac: “We don’t eve know who shot us.”
Julie: “We’re about to.”
Georges the GM: “Indeed! Pull out your other character sheets!”

[Lukas and the rest of the team rush to where some of the guests are huddling.]
Lukas: “Attention, rich people! Anyone who wants to buy passage off the island, cash on the barrel!”

[Lukas prepares to lead his party of rich meat shields outside.]
Lukas: “Roger, take them out. [beat] I mean, lead them forward! Out of the house!”

[Meanwhile, the breaching party is indeed composed of the main PCs. Torgath is outside on overwatch and notices something… bad.]
Torgath: “Blackhawk down!”
Ti Corovan: “Blackhawk?”
Georges the GM: “A hopper crashes into the second floor of the building.”
Ti Corovan: “Oh, that’s what he meant.”

[The hopper was our means off the island. We must therefore come up with a Plan B, which in this case involves trying to commandeer Azim’s boat. Y’know, the same one Lukas is leading his meat shields towards.]
Torgath: “Um, the guy with the SAW is Lukas, or something.”
Lyta: “What?!”
Torgath: “No, I mean Jax.”
Lyta: “Are you sure?”
Torgath: “No, I just decided to develop a sense of humor.”

[Lukas recognizes Torgath.]
Brock: “I can’t even blame you, since technically you’re not in the Humanist Alliance.”

[Lyta and Ti are moving towards the group of people from behind. There was a plan. It’s not working out.]
Lyta: “So, what now?”
Ti Corovan: “Well, I was waiting for Torgath to start shooting at them, but he’s not. So I guess it’s time to get engaged.”
Lyta: “Yeah.”
Ti Corovan: “In the fight, I mean!”
Lyta: “Yeah, I got that.”
Georges the GM: “Awkward…”

[Lukas has rushed forward to board Azim’s boat. Torgath is just behind him. Lukas has made it clear that anyone who boards the boat will be shot.]
Georges the GM: “You realize that Lukas is within three meters of you, right?”
Ariel: “I don’t think he wants to kill me that badly.”
Brock: “He might not have recognized you.”
Ariel: “I say really loud in Koreshi, ‘Man, I wish my big brother was here!’”

[Ah, sibling disagreements….]
Brock: “My words were, ‘I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but if you don’t get off this boat, I’m gonna light you up,’ and your read on that is that I’m bluffing?!”

[Lukas is still surrounded by members of Azim’s security team.]
Brock: “I will clear the machine gun as a plausible reason not to shoot you.”

[Meanwhile, Mazir has infiltrated his way into the crowd that Lukas was leading to the boat. He notices a figure, i.e. Lyta, moving tactically towards them.]
Zac: “Can I drop a grenade and not blow up the crowd or myself?”
Georges the GM: “Sure, unless you botch.”
Brock: “Which could happen.”
Zac: “…”

[Mazir drops the grenade.]
Georges the GM: “I’m excited to see this play out either way. Either Lyta runs into a grenade, or you blow yourself up.”

[Lyta dodges the worst of the grenade and continues forward. There are still hostile targets in front. From behind her, Fennec takes aim.]
Zac: “Are innocent people in my line of fire?”
Georges the GM: “If you miss.”

[Fennec expertly shoots Roger in the neck, killing him.]
Ariel: “Roger doesn’t get a final line?”
Zac: “’Crickey!’”

[Lyta, Ti, and Fennec are all converging on the Azim’s boat. It’s time for a tactical update!]
Lyta: “How many hostiles on the boat?”
Torgath: “Two plus one. *shoots* One plus one.”

[Zac’s character Fennec kills Zac’s NPC Mazir.]
Georges the GM: “Interesting narrative suicide…”

[Torgath is shot by Ken Wang and suffers some serious injuries.]
Torgath: “’I’m really close to death. Seriously, guys.”
Fennec: “Do you think he’s being serious?”
Lyta: “Yeah. That’s the burbling sound he gets when his lungs are punctured.”
Torgath: “…I’m fine.”

[Torgath is not doing well.]
Georges the GM: “What do you do? Keep in mind anything you do has a chance of making you pass out.”
Ariel: “I ready all the grenades.”

[Lyta and Fennec secure the ship.]
Torgath: “I’m still bleeding.”
Fennec: “Is he okay?”
Lyta: “Probably not.”

[Lukas and Ken escape on a small launch from the main boat. We turn around and start following them.]
Brock: “How upset am I? Upset enough to fire a rocket into the stern of your boat?”

[Lukas' rocket punches a hole in the main vessel and the rest of the PCs are forced to abandon ship in life boats. We land ashore and wait for our evac, our mission technically a success but still somewhat hollow-feeling.]
Fennec: “I really thought this would have a more triumphant end.”

[In the aftermath of the session, Brock lays out Lukas’ thoughts on what just happened.]
Brock: “You all left him for TI, and the next time we meet, you’re obviously working for Ti.”
Zac: “For a higher purpose.”
Brock: “Lukas doesn’t understand higher purposes.”

[Of course, there’s always the flip side to every question.]
Zac: “So the question is, why do we want Lukas back?”
Ariel: “He has high stats.”
Brock: “You can’t afford to be against him.”

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