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You know it’s been a momentous session when the successful completion of a months-long op is the least interesting thing that happens. In other news, revelations! Twists! Meta-knowledge that can finally be brought in game! And just in time, too, as we prepare for a month-long hiatus before next game.

[We discuss what to do with the SRID tail we seem to have acquired.]
Brock: “It seems like the surest way to provoke an encounter would be to proceed with our plan as though nothing was wrong.”

[Before we can deal with the SRID, we get a visit from everyone’s favorite head of security, Major Beria.]
Brock: “It’s fine. I start prepping my story.”

[When Major Beria arrives, Lukas and Torgath are busy guarding our crates. In their Gears.]
Major Beria: “You gonna come down, or are you gonna stare down at me from your Gear like you have some sort of inferiority complex?”

[Major Beria reveals that Fennec’s 4-km comms blackout had certain unintended consequences.]
Major Beria: “Not only that, but a total comms blackout right next to the spaceport!”
Zac: “We should not have given Georges a week to think about this.”

[Major Beria is not in the best of moods.]
Major Beria: “Quinn, I’m annoyed enough to be woken up out of my bed for a potential terrorist threat only to find out it was you, but the cherry on top of the sundae is that I’m told we’re not doing anything about it.”

[Beria demands the Chatterbox’s chips for its sensors, comms, ECM, and ECCM systems, to be held by the Security Corps until we leave Port Arthur.]
Brock: “I’d rather not dismantle this Gear.”
Zac: “That makes two of us.”

[Lukas, for once, tries to be conciliatory.]
Lukas: “Major, I don’t want to waste your valuable time fencing with you.”
Major Beria: “Too late.”
Lukas: “More of your valuable time.”

[Major Beria acknowledges Fennec for the first time in the conversation.]
Major Beria: “Were you the pilot of the Chatterbox?”
Zac: “I look as guileless as possible.”

[After Major Beria leaves…]
Lyta: (to Fennec) “Did you seriously black out the spaceport?”
Georges the GM: “Unwittingly.”

[Fennec has some questions of her own.]
Fennec: “What’s your history with this guy?”
Lukas: “About like that.”
Fennec: “Oh, one of those.”

[Zac asks for some clarification on what Fennec’s being asked to do.]
Zac: “The parts he was asking to take from the Chatterbox, which were they?”
Brock: “All the important ones.”

[We think about whether we can fool the Port Arthur Security Corps into thinking we’ve given them the Chatterbox chips, when in fact we’re giving them dummies.]
Zac: “What are the chances I have Iguana pieces?”
Brock: “One hundred percent. But they’re in it, in Khayr ad-Din.”

[A few hours later, Lukas gets a call from our erstwhile employer, Gavin Hippolyte.]
Gavin Hippolyte: “Is this line secure?”
Lukas: “…Yep.”

[Hippolyte is not convinced the line is secure.]
Gavin Hippolyte: “Should we meet face to face?”
Lukas: “I think that would lead to more exposure.”

[Lukas informs Hippolyte of what happened last session.]
Lukas: “During the engagement, the Port Arthur Security Corps also became involved.”
Gavin Hippolyte: “I see. Any other major forces you want to get involved?”

[Torgath returns from a side-scene none of the other PCs realized he was in.]
Torgath: “Also, there are only four of the SRID guys and we can kill them now and then deal with the Mark Kim stuff.”
Lyta: “Who were you talking to?”
Torgath: “…No one.”

[Obviously, Torgath was talking to Dawn. Lukas demands photographic proof of the position of the SRID.]
Brock: “Yes, I want to verify the intel from someone who tried to kill us in the past.”
Georges the GM: “Or saved you.”

[Part of the deal with Beria was that we’d allow some of his people to escort us out of the Port Arthur Security Zone. But really, they only care about the Chatterbox.]
Lukas: “If I leave the Gears here, you can guard them?”
Port Arthur Security Guard: “We don’t work for you, but we’ll watch ‘em and make sure they’re not misused.”
Lukas: “I feel like that’s the same thing.”

[We give Fennec the run-down on Dawn.]
Torgath: “I like her and I think she likes me back.”
Lyta: “She shot Quinn.”
Lukas: “Multiple times.”
Torgath: “In the leg.”

[Preparing to ambush the SRID guys…]
Ariel: “Should we just say they’re dead, because it’s so easy and we have all the intel?”

[We sneak into position.]
Zac: “I got a 5 on stealth.”
Brock: “I guess you’re the goat.”

[Fennec isn’t the only one who rolled low on stealth.]
Torgath: “I’ve been made. Should I go?”
Lukas: “Wouldn’t it be nice to take out all four at once, for a change?”

[Combat ensues. Sorta.]
Georges the GM: (to Zac) “You get to go first – before you noticed anyone.”

[Torgath expertly snipes the SRID guy he’s been assigned to take out. Partly because the SRID guy botched his dodge.]
Georges the GM: “It was Joe’s first day. He was a muppet.”

[As the first round of combat draws to a close…]
Brock: “The one that Dawn was supposed to kill, she hasn’t killed yet. I assume at some point she’ll get around to doing her job.”

[Fennec has finally acquired a target. She levels her submachine gun.]
Zac: “My options are burst, full auto, or single shot? I guess I’ll go for…”
Brock: “…All the bullets.”

[Fennec deep-wounds her target by using the submachine gun on full auto.]
Brock: “Remember: long, uncontrolled bursts.”

[Status report.]
Lyta: “Mine’s down but alive.”
Fennec: “Ours is… down.”

[We search the SRID’s van. In it we find a few weapons and some other stuff.]
Brock: “It does seem a little petty to cheer over a submachine gun and a collapsible assault rifle, when…”
Georges the GM: “When you’re sitting on six crates’ worth of this stuff.”

[Fennec explores the loot in the van.]
Fennec: “All of this is worth something!”
Georges the GM: “Literally millionaires, and still excited about 15 gp worth of treasure.”

[We interrogate the SRID member Lyta took alive.]
Lukas: “Listen, I only have one question: where are your Gears?”

[Lukas interrogates the prisoner.]
Georges the GM: “Are we gonna use the same ol’ strategy?”
Zac: “He talks and they stonewall him?”

[Georges the GM has a problem.]
Georges the GM: “Damn it – I wasn’t counting on you taking these guys alive.”
Brock: “I want their Gears.”

Dawn: *kisses Torgath* “…Surprisingly, that lived up to expectations.”

[Torgath is not part of the interrogations.]
Georges the GM: “Are you gonna get in touch with Torgath? He’s taking an awful long time checking out those sniper positions.”
Ariel: “I’ll be back eventually.”
Georges the GM: “I’m sure you will.”

[The first SRID team having been taking out, it’s back to figuring out what to do with our crates. Which is less bad than it might be when you have HIRA bankrolling you.]
Georges the GM: “We’re just gonna skip ahead to the future where you forge the shipping invoices for the crates. Net yourself a thousand dinar.”

[In an attempt to get fake chips for the Chatterbox, Lyta and Fennec go to Minnie’s.]
Minnie: “Would you like the special, or…”
Lyta: “You do not want the special.”

[Lukas and Torgath have stayed behind to deal with the crates.]
Ariel: “It’s so weird for Minnie not to be hitting on anyone.”
Georges the GM: “It’s early in the conversation yet.”

[Fennec asks Minnie for the chips.]
Minnie: “Do you want it expensive, or do you want it exorbitant?”
Fennec: “…”
Minnie: “Let me put it another way: do you want it immediately, or within a short period of time?”
Fennec: “…Immediately.”
Brock: “With a receipt.”

[While Lyta and Fennec were at Minnie’s, they were treated to a secret meeting with Jonas, where Lyta was informed that Ti is alive. So, as we’re on our way to do the job a few hours later, Lyta decides to tell Lukas.]
Brock: “The reason I chose tight-beam comms is because I want this conversation to be private.”
Zac: “Your intention is irrelevant.”

[How you can tell your GM is expediting the session, part 1…]
Georges the GM: “You have delivered your crates. You guys roll boxcars through the whole op. Good job. “
Julie: “Huzzah!”

[After the crates have been delivered…]
Minnie: (on phone) “Major Stone wants to meet with you.”
Lukas: “We’re sort of persona non grata in Port Arthur right now.”
Julie: “But he could change that, because he’s Major Stone.”

[Major Stone asks us to deliver two packages back to the Humanist Alliance.]
Fennec: “We seem to be taking on a lot of gratis work lately.”
Lukas: “Who was in your envelope?”
Fennec: “You met her.”
Lukas: “We can stop any time you want.”
Fennec: “…”

[The two packages are sealed and well protected. On the other hand, Doc Chambers has an MRI.]
Lukas: “This may be a test. And remember, it’s not my neck on the line, it’s yours.”

[Despite some halfhearted protests from Lukas, the packages are scanned.]
Georges the GM: “One is full of diamonds.”
Julie: “I know where those came from!”

[Lukas and the Doc have a conversation.]
Lukas: “Lyta knows Ti is alive.”
Doc Chambers: “That must make things easier on you.”
Lukas: “I haven’t told her that I know.”

[Lukas and the Doc discuss the fact that Ti made the Doc promise not to tell Lyta he was alive, and the Doc passed on a similar request to Lukas.]
Lukas: “He knew I wouldn’t tell her, and so did you.”
Doc Chambers: “I did.”

[Lyta also speaks to the Doc.]
Julie: “Lyta assumes everyone knows our secrets. For all of Lukas’ attempts at secrecy, she assumes he’s failed.”
Georges the GM: “Just because Lyta always does…”

[Meanwhile, Fennec has given a bunch of our loot to Aunt Fatty.]
Ariel: “Are you gonna haggle with your aunt?”
Zac: “It’s a family tradition.”

[Also meanwhile, Torgath has been in Port Arthur, decrypting the hard drive we got from Zelanis.]
Georges the GM: “The WestRim crate movement data seems to correlate with Zelanis security assignments.”
Brock: “Another shocking coincidence!”

[When Toragth returns, he has some other information as well, i.e. that he’s been told by a stranger that the Lassanders are in fact genetically koreshi.]
Ariel: “This is tricky. I think I need ot share this with only Lyta.”

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