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Heavy Type - The Jolly Rogers: Shiver my guns! Chapter 2

by Bernard Nova

Chapter 2: A Deal

The Northern Intelligence officer looked immaculate in his uniform. Medals adorn his left chest of his pressed suit. To a hardened veteran like Lips, he has seen too much of such a character: A table top commander, no doubt about it. From the his smooth, white skin to his hardly callused hand, the officer tried his best to maintain an air of command while Galahad Lips sized him up, he spoke in a dignified but trembling voice: "Mr. Lips, the reason I am here is that the CNCS military two weeks ago discovered a Southern Surveillance outpost in the vicinity of your area. The outpost holds sophisticated, state of the art surveillance equipment capable of intercepting and decoding classified signals belonging to the CNCS. That outpost..."

"That outpost has to be destroyed but since the outpost is in the Southern territories and sending Northern units in would be a act of intrusion. We decided to engage a neutral party to assist in our mission. Am I right to say so?" Lips finished it for him. "Yes.....and we will pay you 2 million dinars and an entitlement to 40% of the captured equipment. Now if you agree to our agreement, sign here." The officer was beginning to show signs of nervousness. With a somewhat sweaty hand, he gave Lips the contract. Lips gruffly took the contract, raised his cybernetic arm. A silver nib whirled out the index finger. Using it, he scribbled his signature on the paper and shoved it back to him.

The intelligence officer hastily inserted the contract into his briefcase and scuttled away to his transport. Just his vehicle left in a cloud of dust, another cloud of dust was approaching from the horizon. A squad of five heavy gears was moving at top speed at SMS mode: The apple red Jaguarundi on the left was John Ogilvy's. Next to him was a shimmering green Jaguarundi whose was Ray Vahn. Side by side speeding was a German grey mottled Stealth Jaguar and a silvery black Snakeye Black Mamba. The pilots are Pierre Esquire and Ivy Imanaya. Leading the foursome is Siegfried Hunter in his sand colored Peacemaker Razorback heavy gear. Stopping meters away from the maintenance shack, the gears unloaded their practice ammunitions. Several camel supply trucks rushed forth laden with real ammunitions towards to gears. The Gears picked the ammo with gusto, loaded them into their weapons. A resounding thump was heard from the main hangar as the Galahad Lip's modified Fire Strider emerged from it's shelter. The strider retracted it's legs from the ground. At the same time, tracks from the machine's underbelly touched the tarmac. The tormented engine wheezed and thrums as the strider rolled forward into the blistering Badlands with the rest of the five Heavy gears behind it.

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