Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: While the Captn's Away

Torgath was out of his depth. He would have turned to Lukas, but he was away in KAD and anyway, he would have just told him to “get it done.” 

 He had spent the last two cycles collecting names and places and various other nouns that somehow related to each other like puzzle pieces. As it happened, quite a number of the names that kept coming up where right here in Oxford and he felt as though he could finally sit down to assemble them, only to realise he had no idea what the picture behind the puzzle was.

Researchers and academics from around the planet were all on hand and the only thing that occurred to him was to kidnap and interrogate each of them in turn, but he was pretty sure that that sort of behaviour would be frowned upon by the Protectors. Lukas would probably get mad at him too. Or would he?

It struck Torgath that Lukas, is many ways, resembled the ornery captain in the Rock Benson detective novels. “I don’t care how you do it, Rock, just get it done!” he would always be screaming at his best detective sergeant and Benson would, using whatever means necessary.

He found the situation frustrating, just like this whole place. There were too many rules, too many limitations stopping him from achieving his goals. He had a duty to understand. He needed to know what was going on with the Borodin package for the Koreshi, he wanted to know what Ti had died for, for Lyta, and he longed to understand the Bear’s plan so Lukas could get his money and good name back. Everything else was secondary and everyone else expendable.

The thing was, the captain and Lukas both prized results and discretion. If there were no blowback, and it was accurate, then Lukas wouldn’t care where the information came from.

Well, maybe that wasn’t completely true, Torgath reminded himself as he thought of Dawn. But then, ‘What Lukas doesn’t know won’t hurt him.’ In fact, Torgath was pretty sure that was completely wrong too. Lukas had said something pithy completely contradicting that statement, but Torgath had no time for such quibbles.

In order to give Lukas what he needed, he had to do exactly what he didn’t want Torgath doing and, consequently, the moment to act was now. Conveniently he had all these scientists and specialists in town who could give him the answers he needed but, critically, Lukas wasn’t here to questions the means he used to obtain his info.

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