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Into Thebes, where the casinos are formal-dress, the hotels are bugged, and the swimming is fine. Let the intrigue commence!

[We do some research based on things we discovered last session. Kinda.]
Georges the GM: "My notes say, 'There's precious little information on Ms. Winters.'"

[Things I never thought I'd hear in a game, part 1.]
Ariel: "Do we know anything about the umbrella-men?"

[Yet more research.]
Julie: "Didn't we already look into Morris and find nothing?"
Georges the GM: "Yes, but you didn't roll boxcars last time."

[What we have figured out about our erstwhile employer, Daniella Morris.]
Brock: "She's either a Southern spy or a Southern criminal."

[We also do a little research into webbling technology.]
Georges the GM: "What's kept it going is... some rich people."
Zac: "Who like having horses that can count."

[We've discovered that there are some buried Humanist research projects from the war in which they were testing webbling technology on captured GRELs.]
Zac: "Are there big ethical issues on using GRELs for this type of research?"
Julie: "Not if you ask Lyta."

[Our next mission is to stop the handoff of some information to WestRim spies. How, precisely, we do this is a bit up in the air.]
Lukas: "So, do we want to kill these guys or not?"
Lyta: "I'm not usually in favor of killing people."
Torgath: "Death, death, death! Kill, kill, kill!"

[More of the same.]
Ariel: "I distinctly remember Radsley saying that killing Earth sympathizers was less-bad."
Georges the GM: "I don't remember him saying that at all."
Ariel: "I'll choose to believe it, whether it happened or not."

[And yet more.]
Lukas: "If we don't kill them, what are our options?"
Fennec: "I get the feeling she wouldn't be satisfied with a mass sfika-ing."

[Torgath is still pretty set on his idea.]
Ariel: "Nothing sends a message like being killed by a skeleton."
Zac: "A message to who? The afterlife?"

[Lukas weighs in with his opinion.]
Lukas: "I don't think we should kill them, because it would annoy Radsley."

[And yet more.]
Brock: "We're not the executioners of WestRim employees."
Zac: "Well, that is what we've been hired for."

[We get to the crux of the issue.]
Brock: "So this is the place we're at? There's only two messages we can send, death or tar-and-feathering?"
Ariel: "Death is a good message."

[Some of us are less unhappy with the idea of killing the targets than others.]
Fennec: "I don't want that on my conscience."
Torgath: "Put it on mine."

[The whole question is kinda moot until we figure out who we're supposed to be intercepting.]
Georges the GM: "Morris said she'd send you the information when she got it."
Brock: "When she fabricated it."

[This whole discussion has been going on long enough. Time for some plot!]
Georges the GM: "Shall we fast-forward to some details?"

[We arrive in Thebes. Which, we may recall, is still in the Humanist Alliance.]
Georges the GM: "The official stance is everyone is entitled to their privacy. But things that are public are not private."

[Radsley has sent us our old associate Gabriel to help us out on the op. Gabriel manages to hack into the computer system where both we and the targets are staying and assign them the room next to ours.]
Julie: "Good job, Gabriel! I knew we kept you around for a reason."
Zac: "And he doesn't even get shot. Often."
Julie: "Yet."

[Naturally, we want to bug the targets' room. However, if they're at all worth their salt, they will obviously scan for bugs. We try to figure out a way around this problem.]
Georges the GM: "Gabriel does have electronic design!" *rolls 7*
Julie: "I knew we kept him around for a reason!"

[Let the suggestions commence!]
Ariel: "This is probably gonna get me mocked, but I might as well suggest it anyway."
Brock: "I am in the mood for some mocking..."

[Sometimes low-tech solutions work better than high-tech ones.]
Brock: "This is what we need: we need a hole in the wall."

[In determining how sneaky we have to be in our surveillance...]
Brock: "Look, I'm not saying they're the most operate-y of operators. They'll be a step up from executives and a step down, we hope, from us."

[We decide to go with plan "hole in the floor."]
Zac: "It'd be nice if we have some visuals."
Brock: "Visuals?! You're thinking of this now?"
Zac: "Now?! It's the same conversation!"

[Some unanticipated side-effects to our conversation.]
Georges the GM: "I guarantee, whatever you come up with as the ultimate surveillance setup, I will use against you someday."

[We go with the slightly modified setup, plan "hole in the ceiling with a retractable fibre-optic camera.]
Zac: "We've got a camera, we've got a listening hole, and I've got a suit. I think we're ready."

[Our targets have arrived and are now going down to the casino floor to meet their contacts. Torgath follows them.]
Zac: "Do we have anyone in the group who's good at social camouflage, other than Torgath?"
Brock: "No. It's his special mutant power."

[Torgath, Fennec, and Lukas are all down on the main floor trailing our targets. Meanwhile...]
Georges the GM: "What's Lyta doing?"
Ariel: "Backing up Fennec at the restaurant?"
Julie: "Unless you want me to check out their room."
Brock: "...I do!"

[Fennec is at the hotel restaurant, checking out one of our targets.]
Georges the GM: "This guy is probably muscle. You know the type."
Ariel: "It's a three-star restaurant and he's ordering a burger?"
Zac: "...That's what I'm ordering!"

[Torgath and Lukas, meanwhile, are checking out the other two targets at the casino.]
Georges the GM: "It's a high-rollers table. They're spending almost as much money as you're spending xp."

[While the man gambles, the woman sets up a position halfway between the table and the exit.]
Georges the GM: "It's the kind of position you would take if you were looking for one. Good trade-craft."

[After being bumped into and handed what appears to be a poker chip, the woman heads out into the adjoining parking garage. Fennec follows to see her go to a car.]
Georges the GM: "She grabs a duffel bag from the trunk, goes to the edge of the parking structure, and throws it off the side."
Julie: "...Okay, I have no idea what's going on."

[Lukas goes down to investigate where the duffel may have been flung to.]
Georges the GM: "There's no reason for anyone to be around there."
Brock: "Except the people waiting to pick it up."
Georges the GM: "True."

[It turns out the bag was tossed onto a slope that leads into the water of a large lake.]
Georges the GM: "It takes you a while to find the black bag, in the black water, in the black night, down the black hill."
Brock: "Tenacity is one of my strengths."

[In the duffel that Lukas eventually finds are clothes, a makeup kit, and some ID cards, certified by Zelanis, who we remember as the company that supplied the Chatterbox Gear and its hypno-programmed, webbled pilot.]
Georges the GM: "Not clearly fake, but..."
Julie: "Signs point to interesting."

[Also in the bag is the poker chip that was slipped to our target.]
Brock: "Does the chip look like a tracker?"
Georges the GM: "Do you have electronics?"
Brock: "No, but I have seen a lot of trackers."

[Lyta, meanwhile, snuck into the targets' room and found one or two pieces of interesting data, then exfiltrated.]
Georges the GM: "I was hoping for you to break into their room, but your stealth roll was better than I anticipated. There goes my one planned combat of the night."

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