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Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI : Correspondence


INBOX : 3 mew messages

Fr: TH@PXC.INC-Hermes72


I thank you for the warning that you sent. I will respect your wishes and keep this information confidential.

Fortunately, I am no longer in KAD and need not worry about the explosive. The bomb on the train was enough for an old dog like me.

I also wanted to thank you for the novel. Ichigashi was one of my favourite serials as a child. It has been cycles since I read it and never in a novelized form. You were correct, the lyricism is very poignant. I wonder though if there was a hidden meaning?

The NGIS agent on the train knows where the package was going and whom it came from but does not know what it is or why it was sent. I too am ignorant of these things but I believe you should know those facts. Ask Quinn if he has counted cherry blossoms in the dark? I think I know what his answer will be even if in my heart I know why he was on the train.

Please send my regards to Kes and watch yourself my friend.

Remember: treachery and the treacherous never stand close together, one is always circling behind your back.



Fr: Pig_handler@Mainz.telec-Hermes72

Hey Torgath.

I heard some stuff about the explosives. Sounds pretty heavy but thanks for the details.

We've come to an arrangement with the Doc for the NNets but Esmeralda and I can't get out of this stink hole until Candy is better.

I don't know how much you know but she's not well and will probably need surgery in the next few days. But the prognosis is good so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up and let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I owe you guys a couple now.


p.s. Send me shorter books, I ain't got the patience to read the prophet-forsaken tome you sent. ;)


Fr: Sentimental_bricks_float@PA.Net-Hermes72


J. is still going through with the exchange with C. tonight. He still expects Q. to come through. After that, he's letting you go. Take your leave and leave.

This is going to get messy.


SENT : 1 new message

to: 4457.imog@servicesbot-Hermes72


I had no idea the situation would go down like that, they sprung it on me with barely any warning. I couldn't think of a way to stop it without getting one or both of us killed. They said you were being offered information & protection, & it seemed credible, but your escape belies their assurances.

I don't know how to make it up to you. Are you alright?

I watched the building all night but didn't notice anything. I think they might have secret tunnels like in Rhadwan's "Shadows Over Felltown".

This spy dance you've been doing with Q is frustrating and pointless. I need to tell you some things, but the situation is getting pretty crazy right now so let's focus on the immediately important stuff to start. Please please please don't share this with anyone that wants to use it against us, especially Helga, cause she's mean.

1. You were being held by the Salt Cartel of the Nubian Sea. As far as I can tell they're on your side of this but like Q they don't play well with others.

2. There are six or more terrorists left, who are most likely looking to blow up Breslau. They seem to be the same team that was looking for the thingy, not sure why. They are definitely earth/Deathwatch affiliated, but they also seem to have ties with the Kolsons. This has probably been going on for a while.

3. The terrorists have a front company called "AGN Construction". Which has offices on the exact floor of the exact building where we found you, yesterday.

3.5. I know you don't owe me anything but I'd really really really appreciate an explanation for that, by the way.

4. The terrorists have 600 L of a binary multiphasic explosive capable of  catalytic homopolymerization.

5. We also found a red adhesive square (10cm X 12cm) in a box in their office. I suspect it's tied to the explosives somehow but couldn't find any details.

Here are some secure ways to get in touch with me: dead drop at the UMF tacoria on Dresden street, say its a takeout menu for Juan, (555) 228-8542 has a secure voicemail, and at Lukaslives5600@badnet.hermes72. The safe-word is page 241, line 22, word 6 of Summer's Holiday, so I know it's you. I'll be at the shindig tonight, come if you can but maybe you want to be disguised or something cause your captors are looking to pick you up again.


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