Friday, March 29, 2013


Good evening, sir. Can I interest you in a little combat tonight? Yes? Would you prefer combat on foot or in Gears? Both, you say? Splendid! We'll get right on that for you!

[As you may recall, two sessions ago we took the Mads to the Meredine Clinic to deal with the gunshot to his already-cripped leg.]
Brock: (as Doctor) "What the hell happened to this kid's legs?! No, wait. They came like that."

[When Mads wakes up, his au pair Consuela is already sitting in his room, knitting. She gives him some good advice.]
Consuela: "Mr. Magnus, you should not go and get shot. If your friends are going to have you get shot, you are going to have to dress appropriately." *hands him light flak suit*

[Mads is sitting in the clinic, recuperating. Thankfully, he has his best friend, his laptop.]
Julie: "We're hoping you're not dumb enough to put everything we've just done over the Hermes, because there will be... repercussions."
Ariel: "Haven't we threatened him enough?"

[In the bed next to Mads is, surprisingly, Calisteria.]
Calisteria: "Maybe you can tell me what happened, and then I can figure out if it's interesting or not."

[Mads hears three 'doctors' come in to move Calisteria to another room. His spider senses are tingling.]
Mads: (whispering) "Consuela, what happened to Candy? Is she dead?"
Julie: "You've been hanging out with us too long."

[Turns out Mads' instincts were right on the money, as one of the 'doctors' pulls a gun on him.]
Brock: "You know what's fun? Getting shot... twice!"

[The would-be attacker is downed by Consuela wielding a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.]
Consuela: "Mr. Magnus, get out!"
Mads: "...Where's my wheelchair at?"

[Mads reflects on Consuela's newly-discovered combat skills.]
Joe: "I don't know what Consuela's gonna do. I'm assuming she's an android at this point."

[Mads makes his way out of the hospital room.]
Georges the GM: "Consuela's got them distracted."
Julie: "A sawed-off shotgun will do that."

[Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs are hunting the people who are hunting Dawn. We have followed them into a semi-abandoned oasis tower.]
Georges the GM: "You all have weapons drawn?"
Brock: "Well, we're in the equivalent of an office/mall, right?"

[Torgath finds a wounded Dawn with two downed hostiles.]
Torgath: "So which one are you? Helga? Dawn? Summer?"
Dawn: "Whichever one bleeds."

[Meanwhile, Lukas is trying to distract a couple of the pursuing goons by engaging them in light conversation.]
Lukas: "What's your name?"
Goon 1: "Jones."
Lukas: "Oh. Good. Jones and...?"
Goon 2: "Jones."
Lukas: "Huh. You guys brothers? You look like brothers."
Goon 1: "No relation."

[When talk doesn't work, Lukas retreats a bit and throws a flash-bang grenade. With one small problem...]
Georges the GM: "It stops a little short and you realize you'rein the immediate blast radius."
Brock: "...With my back to it, at least."

[Lyta prepares to cover Torgath as he and Dawn make their way to the elevator.]
Torgath: "Incoming. Please don't kill her."

[Combat, unfortunately and inevitably, ensues.]
Brock: "You know what this team could use? A fucking fourth member!"
Julie: "One not in a wheelchair, preferably?"
Ariel: "Maybe we should get Consuela as our fourth member."

[We make it to the elevator. Sadly, enemy hostiles are right outside the doors on the main floor. Lukas throws a flash-bang at them, hoping that the blast will occur after the doors close again.]
Georges the GM: "Everyone roll dodge."
Brock: "I shield myself with Dawn."

[We escape the scene of combat.]
Dawn: "Thank you. That was... unexpected."

[Being safe for the moment, Now comes the time for questioning.]
Dawn: "I can't go to the safehouse because I'm not reporting for duty now."
Lukas: "Oh. Great."
Torgath: "You said you weren't gonna shoot her!"
Lukas: "I should have left her to be shot."

[Torgath finds out what's been going on with Mads and Candy and fills the rest of us in, including Dawn. He realizes that Dawn is jealous.]
Ariel: "Now that I know she's jealous, I'm awkward."
Julie: "Lyta didn't notice, but also doesn't care."
Brock: "She's too consumed with her dreams of Vulpei sex."

[Dawn tells us what she knows about what's going on. It's nothing we don't know already, though it does confirm that the Bear's people and the Kolsons are probably involved. Dawn is frustrated because most of this stuff is above her security clearance.]
Lukas: "What would you give to expand your knowledge base on this topic?"

[Mads found out that Calisteria's would-be kidnappers are probably going after her mother Esmerelda next. Lukas calls Hotel Bravo to let them know.]
Karin Hassan: "This feels weird to me."
Lukas: "The conversation or the situation?"

[We find out the probable location of Ennik, Esmerelda, and the hostiles. We decide to move in with Gears, except that Dawn doesn't have one. Lukas lays out her orders.]
Dawn: "So, I need to stay close in case you need to kill me, but not so close that I get killed by someone else?"
Lukas: "Exactly."

[Lyta reflects on Lukas' instructions for Dawn.]
Julie: "Lyta thinks this is a stupid plan."
Brock: "You know who it's worst for? Not us."

[The whole area is being jammed. Ennik managed to get out a very brief, somewhat general text of his location before he was shut down.]
Julie: "We don't know where they are."
Brock: "Sure we do."
Julie: "Not with any precision. We know to within about a block."
Brock: "In a Heavy Gear, that's pretty precise."

[Georges the GM reveals the battle map: about six enemy hostiles to us four heroes.]
Joe: "Holy shit, really!?"
Julie: "It's okay. We're more awesome than they are."

[Mads owns a Gear, a Warrior III, but doesn't have a tremendous amount of combat experience.]
Georges the GM: (as Mads) "Wait a sec! Comms aren't down, they're being jammed! That's what that light's for! I've read about this!"

[Mads is on scene because his friend Munia had asked him to come by. When he sees the enemy Gears, he realizes he needs help. And has no idea we're in the area anyway for precisely the same reason.]
Lukas: "All right, Mads, we'll help you out. But you'll owe us."

[Because the area is being jammed, we can only communicate Gear-to-Gear on tight-beam transmissions. Which means Dawn will be completely out of radio contact.]
Ariel: "What signal can I give her?"
Brock: "The only circumstance in which she's allowed to drive away is if we're all dead."

[The enemy Gears are clustered around a particular compound, with a Spitting Cobra in the middle of it. Sadly, we don't have much else to go on.]
Lyta: "I would just like to point out that the last time there was an unidentified Gear in the middle of a group--"
Lukas: "Yes, we know."
Torgath: "What happened last time?"
Lyta: "That was Ti!"

[Powered down on the ground, inside the compound, are Ennik's and Esmerelda's Gears. We take this as all the proof we need to start shooting.]
Julie: "You realize we're gonna feel pretty dumb if those guys are the legitimate buyers, right?"
Brock: "Yup, we'll feel pretty bad."

[Mads takes out a Basilisk Gear with nothing but a vibroblade and completely overkills it.]
Joe: "I have an epic stance, just because."

[Joe reflects on the fact that he's doing quite a bit of damage.]
Joe: "This is a very nice contrast to being shot."

[Lyta also engages with a vibroblade, this time to a Jager.]
Georges the GM: "You cut his legs out from under him."
Lyta: "See, I can trip people even in a Gear."

[Of course, we don't actually know Mads has a Gear, much less that he's involved in this fight on our side.]
Brock: "Any time you want to identify yourself to the team, feel free."

[We take out three or four enemy Gears, and the rest flee.]
Mads: "Thanks, guys, for coming and helping me out. I mean, for obliterating a bunch of guys."

[Ennik reaches his Gear just in time for the fight to be over.]
Ennik: "I guess I owe you one."
Lukas: "Two."
Ennik: "Who's counting?"
Lyta: "Us."

[Lukas goes in to check out Ennik, Esmerelda, Munia, and the neural nets. Mads wants to come too. As my father would say, it's good to want things.]
Mads: "Just let me check on my friend--"
Lukas: "I'll go in because one of us is combat-capable and one of us is a gimp in a wheelchair."

[Ennik meets Mads.]
Ennik: "What curse befell you to wind up with these folks?"
Mads: "Jimmy."
Ennik: "...Ah."

And that's it for this week! We managed to advance the plot through about two hours of game time. Next week: more than that! We hope!

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