Monday, December 17, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI : The Road To Recovery

The first thing he noticed was the smell. Sweet, tangy and pleasant. The air was warm and imbued with uncharacteristic moisture. He could also feel the sun warming his skin and was growing to recognize the brightness shuttered out by his eyelids. He pried open one eye and the other and a rolling green hill came into focus. His gaze took in the stubby citrus trees dotting the landscape before him, he finally associated the scent. This was a good dream he thought to himself.

“Hello sleepy head” her voice came softly. Lukas turned his head slightly to find he was looking down from a chaise longue on a large cloth spread over the grassy ground. It was partially shaded by the orange and grapefruit trees. On it were spread a succulent looking selection of grilled meats, salads and dessert. He focused a little more closely on the condensation running down the side of a chilled bottle of bubbly. Occupying the far side of the spread was Minnie. She was wearing a red and white polka-dotted cotton dress which showed her shoulder under wide straps and which stopped at the knees. She was curled up, her calves drawn up under her and lying down on her side. Her right arm propped up her head while her left held a book. She smiled broadly as she set her book down. “Are you hungry?” she asked, drawing her large sun glasses up on to head pushing back her short bangs. Her large brown eyes sparkled in the afternoon sun. This was a very good dream Lukas thought.

He tried to sit up and a flash of pain from his leg cruelly reminded him of reality. And yet the scene did not dissolve into the cold hospital room he had been occupying for a week. This was real, under his smoking jacket he found he was still in a hospital gown and his right arm tugged at an IV. “Minnie” he croaked. “Where am I?”

“I’ve abducted you. While you slept at siesta I had your IV spiked so you would sleep while I moved you. We’re in Prairie, a few hundred kilometres north of Port Arthur at the end of the metro train link. Your doctor said that you were finally well enough to go out for the day unsupervised, but I have to have you back tonight.”

The citrus, the abating grogginess of the drugs and the time of day corresponded with the details of her story, assuming this was the same day. Lukas considered his risk level and realised that if this was part of an elaborate plot, there was little he could do about it at present. He searched her face and found the same deep brown eyes looking back at him. Her gaze was piercing and her smile unsettling, but neither of them in an unpleasant way.

“I decided it was time for that picnic silly.” She said, shaking her head as she righted herself and proceeded to uncork the sparkling wine. He felt a little embarrassed by the reproach in her voice and gestures and looked for something to offer in apology but all he could think to say was:

“Can I drink with what you gave me?” gesturing to his IV as she handed him a flute of cold white libation.

“Yes, my head inquisitor told me the truth serum won’t interact with the alcohol.” She said sarcastically as she started filling a plate with the food laid out. “Lukas, if you don’t mind me dropping the pretense of your alias when we’re alone,? I’d like us to start trusting each other so I thought we could have a pleasant lunch away from prying ears and eavesdropping bouquets. To start, I’ll make a confession, I know a bit about you already. I think its only fair that I share a bit about myself don’t you? So you’re going to relax, enjoy this view and this meal I’ve prepared for you and I’m going to talk. All you need to do is politely coo at how good my cooking is and pay attention to me for a while. Can you handle that?”

Lukas smiled, he had something pithy to say but knew the best response was to dig in to his plate and listen to what the lady had to say. Minnie grimaced and stuck out her tongue daintily in response to his implicit accord then reached her glass out to clink with his. She laid back on her side, unfolding her legs which stretched out beyond the cloth and flirted with the blades of grass and took a sip, closing her eyes. Lukas though she might be enjoying the wine -- which was as superb as the rest of the food he had sampled -- or shielding her eyes from the sun. Then he realised she was collecting herself. A few seconds passed and with her eyes still closed she gave a characteristic Minnie smile: brimming with confidence and hidden knowing.

“I’m going to trust you and we'll see where it goes from there OK?” She said with a wink.

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