Thursday, October 25, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI: With friends like these...

They might have made an eye-catching couple to a casual observer, the way they sat across from each other at the small table, leaning in conspiratorially. Their faces illuminated by a single candle, he was handsome and she was beautiful.

“Thank you for this,” she said stroking a small data key with painted fingers. He smiled closed lipped, “I believe I should thank you for the tip about Bakov.” Never breaking eye contact he lifted his martini and took a short sip. She leaned back, assessing him, measuring him as she did every man, every source, every client and every rival. “Now that we are friends, may I ask a favour?” she cooed, bringing her square cut tumbler of bourbon to her full lips.

“As long as your request does not jeopardize our friendship, then friendship induces me to do to what I can.” He answered. She was very good at this, he noticed. He had already admired the way she prowled the Officer’s Ball the night before. Some watched others, while she demanded to be watched. He could see why she was a valuable agent and hoped that she did not become a dangerous competitor.

“Firstly, I’d like you to come by tonight, and secondly I need some travel arrangements on a caravan in a few days. It will have to be discreet.”

“Two such small favours, you make it almost too easy to be your friend.” He reached into his pocket and drew a small but vicious looking curved knife. Her pupils contracted slightly, he noted, but other than that she remained perfectly relaxed. Satisfied he had learned a little more about her, he proceeded to take out a cigar and used the curved knife to snip off the end. “I’ll make the arrangements for the caravan, and as for coming back here to see you, that doesn’t sound like a favour, more like a gift.” She laughed, as she was meant to, and raised the candle in the center of the table to light his cigar. “I’m afraid you won’t see me, but I want you to be seen.” She tapped the data key with her nail for emphasis.

He smiled and nodded his understanding. “To friendship,” he entreated, raising his glass. “To our arrangement,” she responded with a clink. Their business and drinks concluded, they rose in unison and walked through the empty bar to the door where she let him out. Like lovers, their little tête-à-tête was meant to be private, and no one observed them, casual or otherwise.

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