Friday, August 20, 2010


The plan was simple: sneak into the private chambers of Emir Thoras and assassinate him. The problem: he wasn't there. Stupid plans.

[It's good to know that your own wellbeing outweighs that of others.]
Brock: "Landing on people is softer than landing on pavement."

[One of these years, I'm going to understand how Ariel's brain works. This is not that year.]
Ariel: "What part of the plan requires the chicken?"

[Survey says... BUZZ!]
Brock: "What's my number one standard operating procedure?"
Georges: "Number one standard operating procedure..."
Matt: "Detain the hovertank?"

[After sending toxic nerve gas into the room with our enemies...]
Matt: "There's a guy wearing a gas mask? Not for long!"

[Matt fumbles his roll and drops his machete.]
Matt (resigned): "All right, I'll kill him with something more interesting."

[Kain's lessons in prisoner interrogation, part 1.]
Kain: "I have an oxy-acetylene torch, which I brought for just such a situation... in addition to other situations."

[Kain's lessons in prisoner interrogation, final lesson.]
Kain: "Are you ready to die for the South? [pushes him out the 40th floor window] There you go."

[Kain starts auctioning off the Emir's goods to the soldiers who have come to kill us.]
Emirate guardsman: "These are not yours to give away."
Kain: "They are now."

Next time, hopefully fighting actual people! With guns! And lots of things going boom! See you then!


Certain Betrayal said...

I guess this is the G version without the donkey references.

Julie said...

The donkey one is actually in my notes, but I decided not to include it, because the lines of the night also go up on my (public) livejournal, and that's not the sort of thing I need random people stumbling upon if they're reading my LJ.

Game Thug said...

Well, you could always add the non-PG lines to this version. For the sake of archival completeness. :)

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