Friday, August 28, 2009

27 August 2009 Bushwhacked!

Waiting for the evac, he put his time to good use. It turned out that Isobel really did know her way around field engineering; rather than her helping him, he helped her position the directional mines and throw up a quick berm around the feet of the Longrunner. What was left of the Longrunner. The old girl had made her last trip.

He cursed himself for never taking the time to have the armour refit done. It wasn't as if this sort of scenario hadn't been considered a possibility. And it looked as if that crazy girl was right; the GRELs really _were_ out to get her. And they weren't inclined to take no for answer. Stupid. He should have believed her.

Right now, all they could do was turtle up and hope that Sam and Gade made contact with someone who could help them. Ethan was in bad shape; maybe that had been a mistake too, prompting him to leave Baja for the considerably less secure life in the badlands. Ben was hit, and the Imashen...what's his name...Silas, that was it, was bleeding, and not in the good way.

It had been simpler when there weren't all these people around. They just got in the way. It had been simpler, before, when no one...depended on him.

'Cause then he could never let anyone down.


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