Friday, January 30, 2009

Painstaking Pieces of Peace River

Dear Julie, we have it!

Fenton has the link; we just need to get it out of him, somehow. With that we can tie Lt. Vance to Mr. Arens without divulging the NEC conspiracy. We take that to Robert Zahn and hopefully he will see the error of his ways when we reveal to him that he is just a puppet, and the puppet master plays both sides against each other. Plan B is to appeal to his sense of loyalty and tell him about the NEC plot involving Arens and Vance. Failing his senses of shame and patriotism...plan C involves appealing to his mortality.

If he were any other man, plan C would come before B; Kain doesn’t want more people in the know as operational security demands we limit this intel. But Zahn isn’t any man. He’s a political icon sure, a hero of his caste. His death or even disappearance would turn him into a martyr. I don’t like the way that plays out for Hitachi and Simosa. I need them coming out ahead in this imbroglio - not fighting a mob crusading for a dead ideologue.

No, however impractical the political costs of his death, I have another consideration, a personal stake in this man. His wife came to me for help and I don’t want to let her down. Funny how sentimentality weights so heavily in the balance. Actually, it’s sad.

This side of the Pacificas, seems like every city I’m in, some dame I love, or used to, pulls me into all kinds of barnaby shit! Wouldn’t you say?

I think Sam’s itchy trigger finger is permeating this office with generalized anxiety. He’s all cooked up and jonesing bad for blood, I can’t say I blame him, some gratuitous violence sure would help me get my mind of you.

But right now I’ve got to send a message to Quan at SNS, see what he thinks about a new show I want to produce, I’ve also got to put together some info for Greyson, and get him to lend me a micro recorder.

I’ll ask Trevin to show me the outgoing caravans: see who we can trust, who’s been vetted. You don’t know him yet. He’s an uppity little bitch. I think I like him.

Finally, I need to call you and tell you to get your lovely ass to the Alpha Maglev junction in 2 days time to meet two Peace River refugees and get them over to Prince Gable. It would be nice if I could do so without recriminating glares of vindictive silence but I probably can’t, sorry.

I hope as Hades that you and her don’t realize what you have in common.

Lots to do, and I am wasting time typing to no one. This is the 23rd letter I haven’t sent to you, thanks as always for listening and helping me get it all straight, I love you.




Heavy Josh said...

Was this accidentally de-posted, or did you de-post it, Georges?

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